Brilliance CRM Updates

Below you will find the latest changes with the August 2023 release. Items that are in the feedback report.

  • Upcoming Release: are currently in testing.
  • If you see an item marked as an upcoming release that fixes a problem you're having or a feature you need, please contact with your request.

Feedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
Upcoming ReleaseCommunicationsAdd: Two Way TextingTRACK-2557
Upcoming ReleaseOverallAdd: Integration of AI softwareTRACK-2558
Upcoming ReleaseOverallAdd: Integration of Telnyx textingTRACK-2559
2023-09-22CommunicationsAdd: Ability to include URL's with preview and clickable links in regular SMSTRACK-2581
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Ability to store the shared image in the database for more analytics.TRACK-2577
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Image Improvements on Email/MMS MessagesTRACK-2575
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Modified Emails and Text to be as small when sending as possible.TRACK-2580
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Remove Non-HTML TextTRACK-2576
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Shared image between emails and text option.TRACK-2579
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Texting speed increase to over 1,000 of each per hour with default settings.TRACK-2578
2023-09-22DashboardAdd: Dashboard ChartsTRACK-2564
2023-09-22Documents / DownloadsAdd: Document PreviewTRACK-2565
2023-09-22OverallAdd: Icons: Heart, Images, Robot, Star, MMS, and WandTRACK-2582
2023-09-22OverallAdd: Update White Label IntegrationsTRACK-2573
2023-09-22OverallUpdate: Store main images in the databaseTRACK-2574
2023-09-22UsersAdd: Added more notificationsTRACK-2571
2023-09-17Application Settings (Advanced)Update: Update SettingsTRACK-2555
2023-09-17AssetsAdd: Add SettingsTRACK-2556
2023-09-17Documents / DownloadsFix: Displaying Document List (Publically)TRACK-2560
2023-09-17OverallFix: All Email Validations Off Default to RegExTRACK-2563
2023-09-17OverallUpdate: Change country defaults to block all outside the United States for initial installsTRACK-2546
2023-09-17OverallUpdate: Country names are now displayed along with the country abbreviationTRACK-2547
2023-09-17SMTPUpdate: Settings UpdatedTRACK-2553
2023-09-17SMTPUpdate: Updated Look on Main Edit ScreenTRACK-2554
2023-09-17System AlertsUpdate: Settings UpdatedTRACK-2552
2023-09-17TasksUpdate: Updated SettingsTRACK-2550
2023-09-03Accounts & LeadsAdd: Ability To Hide All Module SectionsTRACK-2503
2023-09-03Accounts & LeadsAdd: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2505
2023-09-03Accounts & LeadsUpdate: Improve Settings UsabilityTRACK-2502
2023-09-03Application Settings (Advanced)Add: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2509
2023-09-03Invoices & QuotesAdd: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2518
2023-09-03Invoices & QuotesUpdate: Update Invoice EmailTRACK-2489
2023-09-03Log ViewerAdd: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2521
2023-09-03OverallAdd: Ability to Hide All Tabs on AddressesTRACK-2504
2023-09-03OverallUpdate: Enhance Log SavingTRACK-2500
2023-09-03TasksAdd: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2506
2023-09-03User SecurityAdd: Session Information: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2543
2023-09-03UsersAdd: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2542
2023-09-03UsersAdd: Make Job Title Always AvailableTRACK-2499
2023-08-27Accounts & LeadsUpdate: Grid Load Speed - 66% FasterTRACK-2478
2023-08-27AddressesUpdate: Custom Field: Contract SignerTRACK-0429
2023-08-27AddressesUpdate: Custom Field: DBA NameTRACK-0430
2023-08-27AddressesUpdate: Custom Field: Veteran OwnedTRACK-0447
2023-08-27AddressesUpdate: Custom Field: Women OwnedTRACK-0448
2023-08-27Invoices & QuotesAdd: Need Address, City, and State added to payment formTRACK-2484
2023-08-27OverallAdd: Email Validation: Integration of EmailListVerify for email validationTRACK-2482
2023-08-27OverallAdd: Email Validation: Integration of NeverBounce for email validationTRACK-2481
2023-08-27OverallAdd: Email Validation: Integration of ZeroBounce for email validationTRACK-2483
2023-08-27OverallUpdate: Grid: All Yes/No width to 35 instead of 50TRACK-1559
2023-08-27Page ContentFix: End Date Is Equal To Start DateTRACK-2480
2023-08-27Password RecoveryUpdate: Password Recovery Option to recover without the account codeTRACK-2112
2023-08-22CoursesFix: Time not showing in coursesTRACK-2476
2023-08-22FormsUpdate: Forms for mailing list to save into Subscribers rather than accounts.TRACK-2477
2023-08-22Invoices & QuotesAdd: New section on invoices that shows the information of the views.TRACK-2470
2023-08-22Invoices & QuotesAdd: The quote acceptance information is now shown (under Accounting).TRACK-2471
2023-08-22UsersAdd: Dark web added. This previously was only on the My Account page. By adding to portal users administrators can now see this information.TRACK-2467
2023-08-22UsersUpdate: Emails that have no subject are no longer sent. They are logged for reference.TRACK-2472
2023-08-22UsersUpdate: Logs will now show all items without any hour filter.TRACK-2468
2023-08-21OverallEmails that have no subject are no longer sent. They are logged for reference.TRACK-0282
2023-08-21OverallQuote acceptance - No longer a single button.TRACK-0283
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesAdd: Ability to customize the terms and conditions.TRACK-2464
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesAdd: Accept terms and conditions.TRACK-2462
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesAdd: Added customer name that is accepting.TRACK-2461
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesAdd: If dollar amount is over $XX (site defined) an ID (e.g., Drivers License) is required.TRACK-2463
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesAdd: The Acceptance Name, ID, Terms, IP Address, and Latitude/Longitude are stored with the invoice.TRACK-2465
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesUpdate: Outstanding invoices do not show on Quotes.TRACK-2466
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesUpdate: Update: No longer a single buttonTRACK-2460
2023-08-18UsersFix: portal user bugTRACK-0281