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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-08-22CoursesFix: Time not showing in coursesTRACK-2476
2023-08-22FormsUpdate: Forms for mailing list to save into Subscribers rather than accounts.TRACK-2477
2023-08-22Invoices & QuotesAdd: New section on invoices that shows the information of the views.TRACK-2470
2023-08-22Invoices & QuotesAdd: The quote acceptance information is now shown (under Accounting).TRACK-2471
2023-08-22UsersAdd: Dark web added. This previously was only on the My Account page. By adding to portal users administrators can now see this information.TRACK-2467
2023-08-22UsersUpdate: Emails that have no subject are no longer sent. They are logged for reference.TRACK-2472
2023-08-22UsersUpdate: Logs will now show all items without any hour filter.TRACK-2468