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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2024-01-23Accounts & LeadsFix: projects/accountsTRACK-3122
2024-01-23Accounts & LeadsUpdate: Account Code feedback on entry of available or unavailable.TRACK-3090
2024-01-23Accounts & LeadsUpdate: Moved Tax ExemptTRACK-3091
2024-01-23Accounts & LeadsAccount codeTRACK-2841
2024-01-23AffiliateAdd: Icon, Dark mode, AffiliatesTRACK-2779
2024-01-23App SettingsUpdate: White Label Dedicated SectionTRACK-3130
2024-01-23Change PasswordAdd: Password BlockTRACK-3143
2024-01-23CommunicationsAdd: Emoji IntegrationTRACK-3170
2024-01-23Dark WebAdd: dark web warningTRACK-3108
2024-01-23DashboardFix: dashboard filter, backgroundTRACK-3109
2024-01-23DashboardUpdate: Dashboard ComponentsTRACK-3146
2024-01-23DashboardUpdate: Filter On MobileTRACK-3137
2024-01-23FeedbackAdd: Implemented bot net lists into firewallTRACK-3176
2024-01-23FeedbackAdd: Lorem Ipsum GeneratorTRACK-3172
2024-01-23FeedbackUpdate: Upgraded EditorTRACK-3169
2024-01-23Intrusion DetectionAdd: Start/End DateTRACK-3144
2024-01-23Invoices & QuotesAdd: Hide SectionsTRACK-3131
2024-01-23Invoices & QuotesFix: Invoices, Accounting, visualTRACK-2781
2024-01-23Invoices & QuotesUpdate: Invoice Product Fields Read OnlyTRACK-3095
2024-01-23Invoices & QuotesUpdate: Invoice Type Dropdown WiderTRACK-3132
2024-01-23Invoices & QuotesUpdate: Quantity to allow partialTRACK-3134
2024-01-23My AccountUpdate: Hide Dark Web if not enabledTRACK-1534
2024-01-23My AccountUpdate: Option to turn off dark web notificationTRACK-1528
2024-01-23OverallAdd: Code Free ModeTRACK-3102
2024-01-23OverallAdd: Content SharingTRACK-3093
2024-01-23OverallAdd: Implemented Spam Haus spam lists into firewallTRACK-3175
2024-01-23OverallAdd: Page Read IndicatorTRACK-3092
2024-01-23OverallAdd: WetaherTRACK-3148
2024-01-23OverallAdd: White Mode Without BackgroundTRACK-3136
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: (All Accounts)TRACK-3145
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: All Dates Are Now UTCTRACK-3127
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: Dark Web Password CheckTRACK-3168
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: Disabled Fields More VisibleTRACK-3133
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: Language UpdatesTRACK-3082
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: Logging UpdateTRACK-3171
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: More control over grid settingsTRACK-3129
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: Page TitlesTRACK-3128
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: SettingsTRACK-3104
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: Updates to Dark WebTRACK-3135
2024-01-23OverallUpdate: Updates to Postal Code LookupsTRACK-3173
2024-01-23ProductsUpdate: Make Products Tax DefineableTRACK-3094
2024-01-23Time ClockFix: Dark mode, Icon, Time clock, Pay periodsTRACK-2783
2024-01-23Time ClockUpdate: Punch In/Out UpdateTRACK-3147
2024-01-23Time ClockUpdate: Server UTC TimeTRACK-3149
2024-01-23UsersAdd: Users option to show code editing abilitiesTRACK-3103