Brilliance CRM Updates

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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-09-03Accounts & LeadsAdd: Ability To Hide All Module SectionsTRACK-2503
2023-09-03Accounts & LeadsAdd: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2505
2023-09-03Accounts & LeadsUpdate: Improve Settings UsabilityTRACK-2502
2023-09-03Application Settings (Advanced)Add: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2509
2023-09-03Invoices & QuotesAdd: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2518
2023-09-03Invoices & QuotesUpdate: Update Invoice EmailTRACK-2489
2023-09-03Log ViewerAdd: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2521
2023-09-03OverallAdd: Ability to Hide All Tabs on AddressesTRACK-2504
2023-09-03OverallUpdate: Enhance Log SavingTRACK-2500
2023-09-03TasksAdd: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2506
2023-09-03User SecurityAdd: Session Information: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2543
2023-09-03UsersAdd: Enable Sub-Account ModeTRACK-2542
2023-09-03UsersAdd: Make Job Title Always AvailableTRACK-2499