Brilliance CRM Updates

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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-10-17CommunicationsAdd: Ability to email a copy of inbound text messagesTRACK-2608
2023-10-17CommunicationsAdd: Ability to email when there are new subscribers to a keyword listTRACK-2609
2023-10-17CommunicationsAdd: Added Time Zone For SendingTRACK-2611
2023-10-17CommunicationsAdd: More STOP keywords for text (CANCEL, END, STOP, and UNSUBSCRIBE)TRACK-2610
2023-10-17CommunicationsAdd: Text and Email in Communications is now completely white labeledTRACK-2604
2023-10-17CoursesAdd: Add bulk saving updating messageTRACK-2646
2023-10-17CoursesFix: Bulk Update Saving ErrorTRACK-2645
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: AdministratorTRACK-2636
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: CustomerTRACK-2637
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: EmployeeTRACK-2638
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: Employee (Time Clock)TRACK-2639
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: ManagerTRACK-2640
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: MarketingTRACK-2641
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: SalesTRACK-2642
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: TextingTRACK-2644
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: VendorTRACK-2643
2023-10-17DashboardUpdate: Custom Dashboards: DefaultTRACK-2635
2023-10-17Invoices & QuotesAdd: Basic Tax (by Zip Code)TRACK-2634
2023-10-17Invoices & QuotesAdd: Integrate products into invoicesTRACK-2618
2023-10-17Invoices & QuotesAdd: Products are now tied into Quotes & InvoicesTRACK-2633
2023-10-17ModulesAdd: Affiliate Marketing:TRACK-1525
2023-10-17OverallAdd: Ability to check ADA color contrast ratioTRACK-2606
2023-10-17OverallAdd: Ability to turn off ADA checksTRACK-2607
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Product Categories - Unlimited with sub-categoriesTRACK-2613
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Product Inventory addingTRACK-2614
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Product reviewsTRACK-2615
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Product vendorsTRACK-2616
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Product WarehousesTRACK-2617
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Products basic functionality addedTRACK-2612