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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-10-17CommunicationsAdd: Ability to email a copy of inbound text messagesTRACK-2608
2023-10-17CommunicationsAdd: Ability to email when there are new subscribers to a keyword listTRACK-2609
2023-10-17CommunicationsAdd: Added Time Zone For SendingTRACK-2611
2023-10-17CommunicationsAdd: More STOP keywords for text (CANCEL, END, STOP, and UNSUBSCRIBE)TRACK-2610
2023-10-17CommunicationsAdd: Text and Email in Communications is now completely white labeledTRACK-2604
2023-10-17CoursesAdd: Add bulk saving updating messageTRACK-2646
2023-10-17CoursesFix: Bulk Update Saving ErrorTRACK-2645
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: AdministratorTRACK-2636
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: CustomerTRACK-2637
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: EmployeeTRACK-2638
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: Employee (Time Clock)TRACK-2639
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: ManagerTRACK-2640
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: MarketingTRACK-2641
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: SalesTRACK-2642
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: TextingTRACK-2644
2023-10-17DashboardAdd: Custom Dashboards: VendorTRACK-2643
2023-10-17DashboardUpdate: Custom Dashboards: DefaultTRACK-2635
2023-10-17Invoices & QuotesAdd: Basic Tax (by Zip Code)TRACK-2634
2023-10-17Invoices & QuotesAdd: Integrate products into invoicesTRACK-2618
2023-10-17Invoices & QuotesAdd: Products are now tied into Quotes & InvoicesTRACK-2633
2023-10-17ModulesAdd: Affiliate Marketing:TRACK-1525
2023-10-17OverallAdd: Ability to check ADA color contrast ratioTRACK-2606
2023-10-17OverallAdd: Ability to turn off ADA checksTRACK-2607
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Product Categories - Unlimited with sub-categoriesTRACK-2613
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Product Inventory addingTRACK-2614
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Product reviewsTRACK-2615
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Product vendorsTRACK-2616
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Product WarehousesTRACK-2617
2023-10-17ProductsAdd: Products basic functionality addedTRACK-2612


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Our philosophy has always been honesty (this is our rule #1) and transparency in our services. There's no reason to hide costs unless you have something to hide. We've found that those who hide fees charge more successful businesses more money because they can. We do not feel this is the way America was meant to be. We believe in offering a fair price to everyone for the work that is done.

We also believe that once you sign on with us, you trust us, and as our thank you to you, we "price lock" our services for the plan(s) you signed up for at that time. This means while you are on those services, the price will always be the same. As business owners, we appreciate this as it allows us to budget our business expenses better.