Brilliance CRM Updates

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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-09-17Application Settings (Advanced)Update: Update SettingsTRACK-2555
2023-09-17AssetsAdd: Add SettingsTRACK-2556
2023-09-17Documents / DownloadsFix: Displaying Document List (Publically)TRACK-2560
2023-09-17OverallFix: All Email Validations Off Default to RegExTRACK-2563
2023-09-17OverallUpdate: Change country defaults to block all outside the United States for initial installsTRACK-2546
2023-09-17OverallUpdate: Country names are now displayed along with the country abbreviationTRACK-2547
2023-09-17SMTPUpdate: Settings UpdatedTRACK-2553
2023-09-17SMTPUpdate: Updated Look on Main Edit ScreenTRACK-2554
2023-09-17System AlertsUpdate: Settings UpdatedTRACK-2552
2023-09-17TasksUpdate: Updated SettingsTRACK-2550