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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesAdd: Ability to customize the terms and conditions.TRACK-2464
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesAdd: Accept terms and conditions.TRACK-2462
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesAdd: Added customer name that is accepting.TRACK-2461
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesAdd: If dollar amount is over $XX (site defined) an ID (e.g., Drivers License) is required.TRACK-2463
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesAdd: The Acceptance Name, ID, Terms, IP Address, and Latitude/Longitude are stored with the invoice.TRACK-2465
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesUpdate: Outstanding invoices do not show on Quotes.TRACK-2466
2023-08-20Invoices & QuotesUpdate: Update: No longer a single buttonTRACK-2460