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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-12-08Accounts & LeadsUpdate: Disable Deleting Your AccountTRACK-2778
2023-12-08CommunicationsAdd: Ability to Warm Up your dedicated IP address for bulk sendingTRACK-2764
2023-12-08DashboardAdd: Invoice & Quote Dashboard ComponentTRACK-2737
2023-12-08FeedbackAdd: Add "Upcoming Release" filter optionTRACK-2605
2023-12-08FeedbackAdd: Email on new Feedback created ___ (insert status)TRACK-2473
2023-12-08FeedbackAdd: View Feedback DetailTRACK-2751
2023-12-08FeedbackUpdate: Change LogTRACK-0657
2023-12-08FeedbackUpdate: DataSetTrackerModule: Rename modules to match current modulesTRACK-0664
2023-12-08FeedbackUpdate: Show Version History in GroupsTRACK-0656
2023-12-08KB ArticlesAdd: Categories, then filter listTRACK-2754
2023-12-08MarketingAdd: Monitor Sites (Domain Expiration)TRACK-2792
2023-12-08MarketingAdd: Monitor Sites (Email Alerts)TRACK-2793
2023-12-08MarketingAdd: Monitor Sites (Ping)TRACK-2789
2023-12-08MarketingAdd: Monitor Sites (SMS Alerts)TRACK-2794
2023-12-08MarketingAdd: Monitor Sites (TLS/SSL Errors)TRACK-2790
2023-12-08MarketingAdd: Monitor Sites (TLS/SSL Expiration)TRACK-2791
2023-12-08MarketingAdd: Site Monitor: Enable/DisableTRACK-2795
2023-12-08MarketingAdd: Site Monitor: Enable/Disable AlertsTRACK-2796
2023-12-08MarketingAdd: URL ShortenerTRACK-2799
2023-12-08MarketingAdd: URL Shortener: QR CodeTRACK-2800
2023-12-08MarketingUpdate: Site Monitor: Override WhoIs ServerTRACK-2797
2023-12-08OverallAdd: Add Security.txt capabilityTRACK-2788
2023-12-08OverallAdd: CIDR IP Address ValidationTRACK-2786
2023-12-08OverallAdd: GPS By IP (No Permission Required) or via API (Permission Required)TRACK-2738
2023-12-08OverallAdd: Updated English language settingsTRACK-2765
2023-12-08OverallUpdate: Backgrounds can now be set by the company without going into the CSS stylesheetsTRACK-2756
2023-12-08OverallUpdate: Global option to control showing "Submit Feedback" for each moduleTRACK-1869
2023-12-08OverallUpdate: Optimizations to Theme stylesheetsTRACK-2739
2023-12-08OverallUpdate: Refinements to display of every module on mobile and tablet devicesTRACK-2767
2023-12-08OverallUpdate: Servers Upgraded to HTTP/3TRACK-2742
2023-12-08OverallUpdate: Settings now have their own language settingsTRACK-2828
2023-12-08OverallUpdate: Submit Feedback for each moduleTRACK-1827
2023-12-08OverallAllow managers for employees in the time clock areaTRACK-2763
2023-12-08TasksAdd: Ability to monitor for bad words in received emailsTRACK-2753
2023-12-08TasksAdd: Assign Missing Assigned ToTRACK-2755
2023-12-08TasksAdd: Blocked Email AddressesTRACK-2735
2023-12-08TasksAdd: Inbound support now has a check for bad words/email addressesTRACK-2741
2023-12-08TasksAdd: No email from the checked email (stops forged emails)TRACK-2752
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Ability for User Pin to be Numeric or TextTRACK-2762
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Additional Error NotificationsTRACK-2772
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Latitude/Longitude from the browser scripting can now be turned offTRACK-2757
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Latitude/Longitude from the IP Address can now be turned offTRACK-2758
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Map View SettingsTRACK-2804
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Save ProjectTRACK-2826
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Save TaskTRACK-2827
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Save User PinTRACK-2825
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Text on punch (Employee)TRACK-2649
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Time Clock DisabledMessageTRACK-2771
2023-12-08Time ClockAdd: Tracking of Base and Overtime Pay Rates Per EmployeeTRACK-2766
2023-12-08Time ClockUpdate: Allow punch with idTRACK-2311
2023-12-08Time ClockUpdate: Duplicate Punch PreventionTRACK-2801
2023-12-08Time ClockUpdate: Map of locationTRACK-2326
2023-12-08Time ClockUpdate: Project List UpdatesTRACK-2775
2023-12-08Time ClockUpdate: Punch In/Out on Miscellaneous for NEW doesn't show mapTRACK-2337
2023-12-08Time ClockUpdate: Screen ControlTRACK-2773
2023-12-08Time ClockUpdate: Settings: Use GPS LocationTRACK-2350
2023-12-08Time ClockUpdate: Users: Pin for usersTRACK-2334
2023-12-08UsersAdd: Personal ID can now be made read-only for Non-Admin usersTRACK-2759
2023-12-08UsersUpdate: Disable Deleting YourselfTRACK-2777
2023-12-08UsersUpdate: Portal User EditingTRACK-2776
2023-12-08UsersUpdate: Time Clock: Employee IDTRACK-2004
2023-12-08UsersUpdate: Time Clock: Hide menu option if time clock is not enabledTRACK-2006
2023-12-08VehicleUpdate: Time ClockTRACK-2430