Brilliance CRM Updates

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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-09-22CommunicationsAdd: Ability to include URL's with preview and clickable links in regular SMSTRACK-2581
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Ability to store the shared image in the database for more analytics.TRACK-2577
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Image Improvements on Email/MMS MessagesTRACK-2575
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Modified Emails and Text to be as small when sending as possible.TRACK-2580
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Remove Non-HTML TextTRACK-2576
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Shared image between emails and text option.TRACK-2579
2023-09-22CommunicationsUpdate: Texting speed increase to over 1,000 of each per hour with default settings.TRACK-2578
2023-09-22DashboardAdd: Dashboard ChartsTRACK-2564
2023-09-22Documents / DownloadsAdd: Document PreviewTRACK-2565
2023-09-22OverallAdd: Icons: Heart, Images, Robot, Star, MMS, and WandTRACK-2582
2023-09-22OverallAdd: Update White Label IntegrationsTRACK-2573
2023-09-22OverallUpdate: Store main images in the databaseTRACK-2574
2023-09-22UsersAdd: Added more notificationsTRACK-2571