Brilliance CRM Updates

Below you will find the changes with selected release. If you see an item marked as an upcoming release that fixes a problem you're having or a feature you need, please contact with your request.

ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-12-27DashboardAdd: Date range able to be shownTRACK-2863
2023-12-27DashboardFix: Weather is not pulling with a missing user zip codeTRACK-2867
2023-12-27FeedbackAdd: Applications: On/OffTRACK-2833
2023-12-27FormsUpdate: Individual Form Fields over AllItemsTRACK-2839
2023-12-27KB ArticlesUpdate: Add LOOM fieldTRACK-1373
2023-12-27KB ArticlesUpdate: Update Text EditorTRACK-2846
2023-12-27LoginUpdate: Account Code SavingTRACK-2836
2023-12-27OverallAdd: Ability to filter dates and hidden by defaultTRACK-2862
2023-12-27OverallAdd: App: Detect CMSTRACK-2864
2023-12-27OverallAdd: ApplicationsTRACK-2832
2023-12-27OverallAdd: Applications: LoggingTRACK-2834
2023-12-27OverallAdd: FilteringTRACK-2835
2023-12-27OverallAdd: Login, Password Recovery, and Register ImagesTRACK-2830
2023-12-27OverallAdd: Only show the "Filter" on pages the filter appliesTRACK-2861
2023-12-27OverallUpdate: Missing Page TitleTRACK-2831
2023-12-27OverallUpdate: Reduce Network CallsTRACK-2847
2023-12-27OverallUpdate: Status MessagesTRACK-2840
2023-12-27TasksUpdate: Support Email Creation Lookup Update RoutineTRACK-2837
2023-12-27Time ClockAdd: Ability to set what fields a time clock employee is allowed to editTRACK-2829
2023-12-27Time ClockUpdate: Automatically move to the next pay periodTRACK-2842