Brilliance CRM Updates

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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-09-30CommunicationsAdd: Ability to auto-download QR CodeTRACK-2589
2023-09-30CommunicationsAdd: Ability to set colors, type of dots, etc. in QR CodeTRACK-2588
2023-09-30CommunicationsAdd: Added New Group: All LeadsTRACK-2593
2023-09-30CommunicationsAdd: Keywords with spaces are now allowedTRACK-2590
2023-09-30CommunicationsAdd: Logo allowed in QR CodeTRACK-2587
2023-09-30CommunicationsAdd: Subscribers can now be tied to a specific list when added manuallyTRACK-2592
2023-09-30CommunicationsAdd: Tracking of QR Code CreationTRACK-2603
2023-09-30CommunicationsAdd: Two Way TextingTRACK-2557
2023-09-30OverallAdd: Ability to use your own Open AI API KeyTRACK-2585
2023-09-30OverallAdd: Integration of AI softwareTRACK-2558
2023-09-30OverallAdd: Unlimited Short Code FunctionalityTRACK-2586
2023-09-30OverallUpdate: Default Fonts: Open Sans and RobotoTRACK-2602
2023-09-30OverallUpdate: HTML adjustments for better accessibility and compatibilityTRACK-2601