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ViewFeedback VersionModule NameDescriptionTracking Number
2023-08-27Accounts & LeadsUpdate: Grid Load Speed - 66% FasterTRACK-2478
2023-08-27AddressesUpdate: Custom Field: Contract SignerTRACK-0429
2023-08-27AddressesUpdate: Custom Field: DBA NameTRACK-0430
2023-08-27AddressesUpdate: Custom Field: Veteran OwnedTRACK-0447
2023-08-27AddressesUpdate: Custom Field: Women OwnedTRACK-0448
2023-08-27Invoices & QuotesAdd: Need Address, City, and State added to payment formTRACK-2484
2023-08-27OverallAdd: Email Validation: Integration of EmailListVerify for email validationTRACK-2482
2023-08-27OverallAdd: Email Validation: Integration of NeverBounce for email validationTRACK-2481
2023-08-27OverallAdd: Email Validation: Integration of ZeroBounce for email validationTRACK-2483
2023-08-27OverallUpdate: Grid: All Yes/No width to 35 instead of 50TRACK-1559
2023-08-27Page ContentFix: End Date Is Equal To Start DateTRACK-2480
2023-08-27Password RecoveryUpdate: Password Recovery Option to recover without the account codeTRACK-2112