Sell Your Passion Before Anything Else

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For smaller businesses, having passion is one of the key components of selling your business to others. For many, the passion for the small business, the drive to their dream to the next level and find success in the business world is part of the appeal for so many to support local and support small to mid-range. For the entrepreneur, their passion is the energy that elevates them above larger businesses and the key factor that all businesses must sell to their clients before their first sale.

Passion is Sincere:

You can't fake passion. You can try but like a fake grin or a forced smile, your clients will always be able to tell your lack of sincerity. Passion doesn't necessarily mean jumping off couches screaming how much you love what you do (although you can certainly try that approach if you want), but true passion comes from loving what you do. It comes from loving it so much that it's difficult to distinguish it from a normal job. It's no longer a job, but rather something you look forward to doing every day.  You consider yourself lucky that you have the time every day to run your business and share it with clients who hopefully will turn around to love it as much as you do.

Passion is Rough Seas and Beautiful Beaches

I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients all from companies and businesses of various sizes. No matter what their business is selling, the one thing I see in all successful entrepreneurs is the stone-faced look of determination through the good and the bad. With all things in life, setbacks are bound to happen as well as victories both small and large. Out of all the clients, I have worked with, the ones who have seen the most success are the ones who take every setback with a new plan. They take every victory graciously but always plan for the next big thing. Passion in your business is striving towards each victory while always looking forward introspectively to see what comes next.

Passion is Contagious:

Passion is something that, if done correctly, can spread to both your employees and customers. You must care about what you're selling, how you're selling it and what you must do to make it sell. It's a mix of giving your time away to become better while looking at your own failures and owning up to them. It's the foresight and intelligence to learn how to tackle obstacles but also react to unexpected ones. Once you demonstrate the amount you're willing to give to make your business successful, it will rub off on your employees and your customers alike. Employees will understand the care and love you have for your business and will also want to work harder not just for a bigger paycheck or more benefits (though those do help), but for the total success of the company. Clients will see your dedication to your business which can lead to them seeing you as trustworthy and worth their time and money over your competitors. 


While having passion alone isn't the be all, end all to finding success in the business world, it's one of the defining factors that keeps a business moving forward through all its victories and defeat. Running a business takes a lot of love and dedication, a complete commitment on the owner's part to do what is necessary to make it in the business world. It's a long and winding road, but if your heart is in the right place and you truly believe in your vision, your success may not be a matter of "if" but a matter of "when".