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Exceptional Web Design Services

As a business owner, you have a passion that needs to reach the world. We are glad you are here, researching your options and finding the right fit for your business to grow at a fair and affordable price. We pride ourselves on honesty, old-time values, and giving you a cutting-edge digital marketing strategy. You will receive a professional, optimized search engine (SEO) and a creative design focused on helping you grow your business the way you want.

We only employ the best web designers throughout the United States. Our web designers are on staff and not outsourced, so we know you will always receive consistent, high-quality services.

We always give free consultations in person, by phone, or online through Zoom to ensure you get all your questions answered, are aware of what is out there, and speak in terms you will understand.

Core Website Features

Monthly Billing

We do not believe in large upfront fees and a fair monthly price. Since 2013, we have billed our clients monthly so that you always have your marketing services available to you at a fixed price.


We setup every website with 24x7 monitoring, malware, and virus protection.

Fast Web Hosting

We create your website on some of the fastest services on the Internet. We constantly monitor your performance and upgrade you at no charge when we see any variations. We include encrypted daily backups with no bandwidth limitations!

SSL Certificates

Every website includes SSL an SSL certificate to give trust not only to your customers but the search engines as well.


Every website comes with Google Analytics setup with rules to show how your website is performing over time.


Having analytics is helpful but knowing how your customers use your website is a whole new level. With heatmapping we can tell what areas are working and the areas that need some marketing love to help them perform better.

Email Hosting

We make a dedicated email Microsoft Exchange compatible mail server available at your domain name.

Unlimited Forms

We provide you with the ability to have an unlimited number of customized forms to get the information you need from your website visitors. These range from basic contact forms to complete online surveys.

WCAG Compliance

We make certain that your website is fully compliant for all the latest in compliance with federal and state government internet compliance. Read below for more information.

Customer Support

We give you the ability to edit everything on your website yourself while also being available to do all the changes for you basedon the care plan you choose.

WCAG (Guidelines) For People with Disabilities

Every website created or takenover from Fawkes Digital Marketing, goes through the process of being as compliant as possible without breaking your website for those with disabilities. We do this by following not only the best practices in the code that we write for you but also strive for full ADA compliance before we would integrate any ADA plugins. This means your website will be 90% or higher before any ADA plugins are installed. Fawkes Digital Marketing is the only digital marketing company in Alabama that strives for this.

As a business owner you need to care. There are new lawsuits out daily and small business is an easy target for these. By striving you're not just helping those with disabilities. You are improving your website so that it is much easier to use and understand. This makes moving the needle for your organic search engine optimization (SEO) stronger than your competition.

By taking the proper steps you are establishing yourself not only as a leader/pillar of your community but also one that cares for all of your customers and employees (hint: employees have disabilities too!).

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

While the WCAG Version 2.0 replaced the WCAG Version 1.0, the brand new 2.1 Version is basically an extension of the former. There are three levels of conformance, including A (bare minimum level of accessibility), AA (target level of accessibility meeting legal requirements) and AAA (exceeds accessibility requirements). Under the latest WCAG Version 2.1 guidelines, we can see that in order to have an ADA compliance website design, your website needs to be:

  • Perceivable: The content within your website should offer alternatives to text. You need to be compatible with web browsers that provideassistive technology. This technology helps those that need the website read to them or visually-impaired visitors.
  • Operable: This guideline is set in terms of navigation, making sure that disabled people can access your website and content with various keyboard options (tabbing, jump to a location, etc.).
  • Understandable: Your content should be easy to understand, readable and predictable, with some input assistance if needed.
  • Robust: Essentially, you need to have content that is read by various devices and platforms (especially ones for people who use assistive technologies).

Key elements to any ADA Compliant website

  • Alt tags for all images and other files: Alt tags are words which allow users with disabilities to read or hear alternative descriptions of some content that they are unable to view. They describe the objects in an image or video and the purpose they serve on the website.
  • Proper markup techniques for structuring content: Elements such as the correct heading tags and HTML for ordered and unordered list can also help you get an ADA compliant website. The content should always be presented in a meaningful order and sequence, and it must read properly.
  • Element color: The use of one color should be avoided, and there must be a color contrast ratio of at least 4:5:1 between the text and background.
  • Element size: Like color, your elements and text need to come in different sizes – text must support resizing up to 200% without causing problems for people trying to read it.
  • Text transcripts for audio/video content: ADA compliant websites have text transcripts that help hearing-impaired users understand the content otherwise inaccessible to them.
  • Language on-site: You should make it clear what language your site is written. This helps users who utilize text readers to translate better or hear the text present on your website.
  • Alternatives for input errors: The ADA requirements for websites suggest that users can encounter input errors because of their need to navigate the website differently. It would be best if you learned how to design an ADA compliant website and offer recommendations to your visitors in such cases.
  • Consistency in layout: Your website layout should be consistent. This means that all of your menus, inks and buttons should be organized so that they are clearly moved away from one another and easily navigated throughout the site.

Is ADA Compliance Required?

ADA is a new act that was brought to users by the public. The ADA does not explicitly include web or mobile accessibility; however, the Department of Justice has stated on numerous occasions that ADA compliance includes access to websites that provide services, public accommodations, and/or other functions already included under the ADA.

ADA website compliance affects businesses with at least 15 full-time employees operating for 20 or more weeks every year. This is what Title I of the ADA regulations show, while Title III says that all businesses that fall into the category of "public accommodation" (hotels, banks, healthcare institutions, educational organizations, public transportation) are required to comply. If your business falls under either of these categories, you should see if your Website is compliant.

ADA Compliant Websites & Search Engine Optimization

ADA compliant websites are indexed and crawled by search engines in an easier way, pushing their position up in the rankings and getting the entire content in front of every user. The reason for this is they are built in a consistent way made for everyone.

Available Service Flyers

Our philosophy has always been honesty (this is our rule #1) and transparency in our services. There's no reason to hide costs unless you have something to hide. We've found that those who hide fees charge more successful businesses more money because they can. We do not feel this is the way America was meant to be. We believe in offering a fair price to everyone for the work that is done.

We also believe that once you sign on with us, you trust us, and as our thank you to you, we "price lock" our services for the plan(s) you signed up for at that time. This means while you are on those services, the price will always be the same. As business owners, we appreciate this as it allows us to budget our business expenses better.