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Rough, uncut, and straight from the hip

 6/13/2018 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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Rough, uncut, and straight from the hip

It's rough, it's beyond uncut, and it's shooting straight from the hip and telling it like it is. There are no circles, squares, or triangles to get out of with us. Those things just don't exist. Our new video and soon pod cast series (just audio without the handsome actors -- okay not actors) deliver news and information related to digital marketing (with a splash of regular marketing), web design, software development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and the latest things as they happen. It will not be unheard of when breaking news in these subjects come out that we'll be fast on the change and streaming it live.

We'll be putting the entire series eventually on our website and for now will be on Facebook (sorry LinkedIn) at

We know that being so "raw" and uncut doesn't fit many here on LinkedIn as you are here for standard business and getting out of that proverbial box is not what you want. If you want to completely change up your marketing game, invest back in your business, have some fun while doing it, and grow a minimum of 20% online (many do better but the worst was 20% for us in 2017) then you just might want to listen, get a lot of laughs (we do), and enjoy the show whether you watch or just listen.

So why create "yet another video series" or even better "yet another pod cast" series? The simple answer is to teach ourselves, teach others, and help those that listen break out of the mold that they are in marketing. I personally believe in blogs as they truly rock the Google space and with over 300 already and over 100 added a year they are no where near going away for us. That's all well and good but what about the number 2 (no not bathroom) search engine? Well, that's where video comes into play. YouTube, owned by Google, is the number two search engine on the internet.

Now take in podcast streaming and we are further extending our reach. We're just doing it differently. We're cutting out the video and presto we have a podcast. It may not be the perfect podcast but we're doing it for us, with you -- the listener, able to benefit. Three years ago we started purchasing equipment for a podcast. Video just jumped ahead of it by customer demand, as it should. Now that we have video going professionally for our clients, and now in a crazy format for us it is time that we finally start the pod cast series.

One item you will notice is this will be like no other. You hear that often but I am definitely a unique breed. We will have beer (if you visit we'll share!), we'll have guests (some surprise guests that we don't know about until they walk in the door), completely unscripted (unless we have a re-take -- which does happen; just not often), and following agile marketing rules of quick to change, quick to adapt, and be quick witted will certainly be in store.