Longer Tweets are Here!

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The days of having to make the choice between your message and your media are about to become a thing of the past thanks to Twitter's latest character length update.

Pictures, GIFS, videos, links to quoted tweets and polls will no longer count towards your overall 140 character word count. This means that your posts will now allow you to tweet as you normally would without having to worry about other media taking away from your character count.

What this means for businesses is more opportunity to better convey the message they want to share without having to sacrifice their original message. Instead, business on twitter can showcase videos, display their latest products and services and share polls directed at their clients while including a full 140 character description. This means more flexibility to get a message out there into the Twitter-sphere and connect with a worldwide audience that can immediately see and interact with your post.

Along with this new character limit, Twitter has also announced that there is a new way to reply to other users on Twitter. New replies will not include the username of the person you are replying to in the character limit. Even if you reply to multiple people at once, Twitter will omit the person who sent the original tweet from the character count.

For us at JM2 Webdesigners, this presents an exciting opportunity to expand our message with audiences with even more options in how we share our message. We appreciate the art of the image and the art of the written word when it comes to sharing knowledge and reaching businesses. It's improvements like these that allow a service to evolve and as a business that actively engages with our audience over Twitter we welcome these new features and hope that other businesses take advantage of them as well.

If you want to learn about how to succeed in the Twitter world or if you need a helping hand from your friendly JM2 Webdesigners, we're here to help you! We can be reached at 219-229-1633, email at sales@FawkesDM.com, or through our online contact form here.