Facebook Insights - Overview

 11/10/2015 12:00:00 AM
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Facebook Insights - Overview

Our next supplement into digging into the analytics provided by Facebook is the Facebook Insights Overview. Within the overview you'll get more information than you received on the main page of your Facebook business page which we covered here. Within the overview you'll see a lot more details along with visual graphs on how you're doing in the last seven days compared to the previous seven days worth of information.


When viewing the numbers you'll notice a bright or darker color which is the current week and behind that a light grey colored line showing the previous week. When viewing this information you can see whether you are trending higher or lower. You should expect to see fluctuations for each day as the user engagement will change and vary based on the amount of posts you do each day.

Facebook Insights Summary

Date Summary

This shows you the date range that you are looking at. This range changs on a daily basis from the current date and going back one week.

Page Likes

This is the total number of likes you've have, the increase or decrease you've had from the previous week. Beneath the total will show the number of new page likes you've had as well as whether or not the amount has increased or decreased from the past weeks new likes.

Post Reach

With the post reach you'll see how many people total you've reached in the past seven days. Whether or not the information has increased or decreased from the past week and what the overall post reach.


When it comes to social media the one area we always like to look at over all others is the engagement section. Although all areas are super important this section allows us to see how many unique individuals we've engaged this week compared to the previous last week.

This information will show us how many likes people did, the number of comments, shares as well as the clicks which are typically links we have on specific posts.

Facebook Insights 5 Most Recent Posts

Your 5 Most Recent Posts

Depending on your audience you may have the standard 2-3 posts per week or more if you find that your primary audience is on a given network. For us, we get 92.7% of our social media engagement from our current and prospective customers through Facebook. As such, you will see at a minimum daily posts on our site every day. We will also post additional times as well as on many of our posts we will get people that click the link to our website and contact us there or they will pick up the phone (I know people actually talking) and talk with us about how we can help them.

When you look at your most recent posts you will notice a column called Reach which is how many people you've reached. You will notice that there will be two different colors here if you do a Boost Post option where you pay to boost a post. With the Engagement column you'll see how many people clicked on your post as well as people that liked, commented or shared your post.

Facebook Insights Pages to Watch

Pages to Watch

The pages to watch is a most interesting category that we truly love. This allows us to see at a glance what are competitors are doing. We will normally pull in not only local pages that have similar technologies as us but also national companies that have the same technologies so that we can stay abreast of the latest happenings so we can provide our customers with the best possible service.

An item that we like to look at is not how many likes a company has as this is just an arbitrary number. The key item we look at is what the Engagement is that a company is achieving. We do take this area with a grain of sand though as the engagement only gauges the Likes, comments and shares these posts might have. This doesn't count how many times a page has their call-to-action (CTA) clicked, their website is clicked on, or the number of times a mobile user clicked on the businesses phone number to contact them.


Within the summary section of your Facebook business page insights you can pull in a lot of valuable information. By utilizing and analyzing this information on a weekly basis you can see how your digital marketing campaigns are doing. When you look at this summary information and cross reference it with your content calendars you will be able to see what is working and what isn't. When you see trends in the information leading you to move one direction make certain that you also move that direction.

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