The Secret of Success Through Text Marketing: Part 1

 1/31/2017 12:00:00 AM
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The Secret of Success Through Text Marketing: Part 1


Text messaging is more than sending messages to friends and family. It has quietly become an incredibly effective marketing tool for businesses to send promotions, information, and sales pitches to their clients. While it's easy to assume that text messages wouldn't be an effective way to reach clients and customers due to the unfortunate tendency for people to become annoyed with an overabundance of texts, research and experience have produced surprisingly contrary results and shown to be an incredibly effective form of reaching out and making sales.


Email vs Text


Email campaigns are a popular way to reach out to consumers. Typically one signs up for their emails or opts in through a promotion to be sent coupons, advertisements, and upcoming promotions straight to their inbox. While these campaigns are decent and do provide some strong incentives to keep creating repeat customers (especially if you utilize coupons and promotions), the actual rate that these emails are read by consumers is surprisingly low, being around only 30%. With text messaging marketing, the open rate is a whopping 98%. Emails received from businesses also suffer through a low click through rate (about 6% to 7%) and even worse can be considered spam by the user (which happens 90% of the time), sealing their fate away to the spam folder forever. With text messaging, click through rates have a 36% chance of being seen and an only 1% chance of them being considered spam.


Comparing Numbers


Here are some more numbers to throw at you. It takes an average of 16 to 30 emails per month to bring in a single sale. This is even before factoring in the spam factor mentioned above. Even more distressing is the average time it takes for a consumer to open the emails and use the offers and coupons inside. This comes with an average time of around 6 hours to open and a redemption rate of 1%. Compare this with texting, which takes only 14 minutes to open a message and a redemption rate at a much higher 15% to 20%. These offer a vast difference and a much higher rate of efficiency, which in turn, leads to more sales and a more successful business.


Conclusion: A Mobile World Needs Mobile Marketing


The advantages to mobile marketing through texting are apparent after only a short amount of time being used. These benefits bring higher read rates, more opportunity to reach clients and greater reach on bringing in new clients. With so many individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and interests owning mobile devices, the opportunity to reach out to them is strong and sadly often overlooked in the ways to do it. The goal of any marketing campaign is to bring clients into your business or have them invest in it by purchasing goods or services. When you have a marketing tool that comes with a 98% success rate of being seen, the odds have never been more in a business's favor.

Next week we'll be taking a look at the ways that one can successfully utilize text marketing, the right messages to send and which businesses and organizations can truly benefit from it (hint: it's a lot). The benefits of text marketing are truly extensive and will be focused on bit by bit as we list the great things they do for businesses of all sizes.

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