Story Telling

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 Written By John Marx

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We have always known about the importance of storytelling when it comes to getting your message across in a fun way to your target audience. As we dig deeper into video we are reevaluating everything we know when it comes to content writing and getting the message across. Today we will cover some of the key aspects of doing a positive story telling article. This applies to not just content writing but within video as well.

Be Yourself

Since moving into our new building there has been a lot of change that has come about at JM2 Webdesigners. It seems that everyone’s personality is starting to finally started to shine through. Not that our personalities that didn’t shine through before. We just have more space to spread our wings and do things differently. By being ourselves the creativity has come out more than it was previously.

Be human

You are a human so truly be a human in what you are doing. You do make mistakes and always will as no one is perfect. These mistakes show you are a real person / company. The key to acknowledging your mistakes is to also fix them. A great way is when you are talking about mistakes state how you fix them.

Be Personable

Let people know why you are talking about what you are talking about and why it resonates personally with you. This is part of the magical art of storytelling as it draws your audience into your story and makes them part of it.

Real life examples

As you talk about your story inject some real-life examples and how it has helped you related to the topic that you are talking about.

Mr Roboto

As you talk try not to be a robot. When you talk like a robot and try to show you are smarter than everyone else you are alienating and condescending your audience. Talk like how you would like to be talked to and talk with clarity. Ignore the big and fancy words as they will not captivate your audience.


When writing stories for your target audience you need to share your passion and love. If you are unable to do that then curating (e.g. copying) content from others is what you should do. Establish who you are as a person and company. Be human and talk to your audience rather than trying to talk above them.