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When it comes to having your digital voice heard you need a draw to further reach your audience. Curating great content is one way to show how you are searching and finding content to share with your audience. Then you have truly authentic content that you create to not only showcase who you are but let your voice and brand be heard. We’re going to talk about the later of original content and three types of content you can create to increase your engagement, educate, and showcase your expertise to your audience.


We will start out with the easiest of all, I think. Those that are not writers and prefer to talk will definitely disagree with me on this. That is when you write to for your audience. There are advantages I enjoy when I write and these are:

  • Can be concise or drawn out (I prefer concise myself)
  • Often faster to produce as there is no need for editing and just needs proofreading
  • Best for those situations in hitting the largest audience as those with disabilities can be able to listen or read with no special work on your part
  • Truly awesome when it comes to increasing your organic SEO (search engine) rank


Video is where you get the most engagement as we are becoming a more visual rather than reading society. Video takes longer to produce. You can “Go Live” and make it easy but for the best evergreen content that people will find later on a produced video is the best video (in my opinion). Personally, I love written more than video but I know in our fast-past world that video is extremely important and I am not my customer. You need to go to where your customer is. The major benefits for video are:

  • High watch rate over people reading so more people will hear your message
  • With closed captioning you can easily handle those with disabilities as well as reach some organic search engine happiness
  • You’ll be uploading to YouTube/Vimeo and Facebook separately to take advantage of both platforms reach.
  • For your website you’ll likely link to the YouTube video as it will help on your viewing stats there while also decreasing the workload and increasing the speed of your website.


Audio can be both simple or complex. I am going to cover the simple with a tie into video. You can easily strip your audio from video and kill two birds with one stone. You have to be careful in doing this as when you are talking on your video you need to make certain that you don’t say things like “look at this” and items that require the listener to look at something. Audio is great for when people are driving, exercising, or for background noise. One of the key benefits we love about audio is:

  • Easily combined with video when video is done well
  • Upload quickly and for a low cost and reach a larger audience on Apple/Android stores
  • Easily downloadable from your website for people to listen and keep them on your website longer


There are many ways to get your voice heard in the digital landscape. The key is finding what voice you want to present, how often you want it presented, and the biggest factor is staying consistent with what you publish.