How to Add Other People to Your Facebook Business Manager

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If you are running a business, sometimes you simply can't run all aspects by yourself and need assistance in creating ads and running campaigns. Facebook understands this and has given all business pages the ability to add other people to your page, whether they are your employees or members from other marketing agencies. 

Before we begin though, now is a good time to go over the differences between the different online management systems and their functions.

Business Manager: The overall way to manage multiple people's access to your business page. This allows you to give may varying levels of permission to different people by managing people and keeping their tasks separate. 

Ad Manager: Ad Manager allows you or a team member to create, manage and run ads as well as looking at your budget and billing info. This is where you go for all of your advertising related objectives.

Pixel: This is a piece of code for your own website that allows you to measure, collect and react upon data and build appropriate audiences for your marketing campaigns and ads. 

Power Editor: This was a tool designed for someone who is creating multiple ads at once and needs more control and up to date statistics on their campaigns. While most smaller businesses would most likely not need this, it is worth learning about if you find yourself becoming a larger presence online. 

Now that that is out of the way, here is a step by step guide to adding new members to your business page and also removing them.

Adding People to Business Manager 

1. To start, open up your Business Manager, click the menu icon in the upper left to open the menu and select "Business Settings" on the right-hand side.

2. On the Business Settings page, make sure the "People" section is selected under the Users section on the lefthand side. On the right, you see all of the users you’ve added. If you are setting up this account for the first time, you’ll be the only user listed. To add someone else, click the Add button in the upper right of the People column.

3. The Invite People box should now appear, which walks you through the settings you can choose as you add someone to your account.

4. To begin, type the email or work address of the person you want to add. Then select whether to give "Employee Access" or "Admin Access". Typically we recommend providing Employee Access. This allows you to limit the pages the person has access to and actions they can take but still allow them to complete certain tasks. 

5. By now clicking "Next", you can now see a screen that lets you give your employee access to any business page connected to your Business Manager account.

6. By giving an employee access to the page, they can create posts that are shared with your page followers and anyone who visits your page. If you also give the employee access to the ad account, they can create, edit, and monitor ads via the backend of your Facebook business page.

7. Once you are finished giving access, click the "Invite" button. This will send a confirmation that your invitation was sent to your employee’s email address. 

How to Add a Partner or Agency to the Business Manager

1. To add partner or agency that will be handling your ads, go to your business settings.

2. Under the "Users" section click on "Partners".

3. Select the business page or ad account you want to assign. 

4. Click on "Assign Partner". 

5. Select the business you would like the partner to have access to. A link will then be sent to that partner to accept within a 30-day time limit. 

How to Remove a Person from Your Business Manager

1. Go to your "Business Settings". 

2. Under the "Users" section click "People". 

3. Find the person you wish to remove and then click "Remove." 

4. If you are a person that wants to remove yourself from the business on your own, open your Business Settings, Go to "Business Info", click on "My Info" and finally "Leave Business".

By following these steps you'll be on your way to organizing your own team or agency to help your business create ads and find new clients. As with all things in life, knowing how to set aside work and make sure everyone plays a role is a key for any business to find success, Facebook included. 

If you have any more questions about creating a Facebook Business Manager or want to talk social media, please email me at I'd love to chat with you!

For more information on Facebook Business Page Access, please visit this link.