Getting more and paying less

 11/17/2017 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx

Getting more and paying less

Today you do not hear the phrase I will give you more and not expect you to pay more for it. Businesses raise prices as payroll increases, costs increase, etc. but rarely do you see more being provided and the prices not increase. We do raise our prices every so often like other businesses but we always add value without raising costs throughout the year as well. We do this as we want to see the small businesses that choose us see growth in their business. To be fair and honest we are increasing our prices in 2018 but that is for the sake of payroll as our team deserves it as they are rocking it which you can tell by what I have below!

Getting more from a business is a trait we love about small businesses. Small businesses, like us, look at gaining customers not for a single transaction but for the long haul. This is what we're doing, yet again, for our clients. We believe small business needs to focus on growing their business and not have to on technology or wondering if they are doing what is best online.

In the past month we have doubled our custom blog writing from one per month to two to help our Business Improvement Plan clients get even more for the search engine optimization and great quality content. Our job is to help small businesses grow and focus on what their dream and passion is. That is what and why are plans are called "business improvement plans". They provide a business with graphic designers, content writers, social media experts, web developers, and programmers for around $10 per day. In 2017 we have averaged over a 20% increase in social media reach and engagement which we are truly proud of.

Our biggest problem though is getting more content for the work we do. This could be content for new clients which range from 1-3 a week or existing clients. It doesn't matter if it's a new business with a new website or an existing one we've taken over. We have charged clients for this in the past but most didn't want to pay the extra as they were already tight on funds. After over a dozen internal meetings on content writing and how to address the system we decided that the best way to get the highest usage of this would be to offer it for no additional charge.

What is included is:

  • Each written page is about 800-1,000 words of content (not written in stone – that's just the average).
  • Up to three revisions, most are done with just one revision.
  • They work directly with you, or a designated member of your team, to get the correct tone and your brands voice out in a positive and understandable manner.
  • They also work with our search engine optimization or SEO team to make certain that not only does it read well (their job) but works well with what the SEO team suggests without taking away the "human readability".

You gain access to our content writers (two of them currently) have college educations and one was a newspaper writer. They are creative with marketing backgrounds.

We believe in giving great value and do this not only because it should be done but because we are true game changers. We believe wholeheartedly that every business deserves the best first impression online as possible. We are no longer in a place where you have to settle for less. Expect more as you deserve it!