Customer Growth

 12/29/2017 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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Customer Growth


We pride ourselves when it comes to educating, informing, and teaching our clients in all aspects of social media and websites. We believe every client is more than capable of doing the work themselves and that we are their tool so they can focus on their business rather than the marketing aspects. A client should have knowledge in doing even if they don't want to do it. They should be made aware of the latest terminology so that they comprehend any information they hear in an effective manner.

We have spent this past year educating and informing a client on the proper uses of social media marketing, brand consistency, search engine optimization or SEO, and how to update their WordPress website. Each month when the monthly analytics were sent we went over them to make certain they understood everything.

The owner knew they couldn't do it themselves currently which is a hard thing for any owner to admit not only to us but in front of their employees. This business owner is unlike any other where they know their strengths and weaknesses. The owner knew they needed a dedicate person but just didn't want to hire the first person that crossed their desk. They needed the person that fit their unique culture. They now have that person and couldn't be happier for them. This is one reason we don't lock clients into long-term contracts as business needs change.

This is what life is about when it comes to JM2. Each of our clients is family and family will help and take care of each other. We want you to stay and never want to see you go. We love when you've grown and can hire a dedicate person that fixes what was once broke. We still get to work closely with the client to assist with their on-going marketing but seeing them blossom is a true joy. This is when we've known we've done better than a good job in helping them grow. Below are five key takeaways that we knew taking on this client and how we've helped them grow.

  • Listening – Everything starts with listening and continues after the first meeting. We listen to the current pain points and the areas that are working well. For many years who ever showed interest, was doing sales, "knew" social media, or had "some" free time handled the social media, marketing, and website affairs of the organization. It always started strong and then died off to non-existence as this was not their primary job and often done without pay.
  • Plan – After multiple hours of meetings we came up with a year long marketing strategy to grow the customers digital experience on social media and the internet itself. We defined goals of success (and failure), we developed promotional campaigns, and marketing materials for coming promotions.
  • Implement – We created social media calendars, scheduled the posts, responded to customer inquiries (good and bad), monitored goals, achieved objectives, and adjusted to changing business needs often times on a daily basis.
  • Educate – Any plan whether short or long needed to have a plan of educating the new team member, educate on the analytics of their customers, and go over all current and past customer questions. We covered not just on Facebook but networks like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn where the customer was also at.
  • Repeat – We refined, met with the client on a schedule that worked for them, and developed a plan that was tweaked for changing marketing conditions each month.

Although we never like to see a client go we do when our continuing education with our clients has done what it should and the growth was met that the client wanted to achieve. It also helps when they find that magical person to fit into their culture and has a specific goal of strictly digital marketing.