Customer Communication

 3/22/2017 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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Customer Communication

The more we talk with clients the more that they want results. To get results though you need to have outstanding communication. Communication comes in many ways and varies for each one of your customers. Businesses know they want a website to communicate their message and they need to be on social media to continue that reach and engage prospects and customers alike. Both platforms are working for you 24x7, should work together as a collaborative digital marketing tool for your business. To achieve this you need to have an effective communications strategy.

Whether your customers want communication in-person, email, text, snail mail (USPS), chat, Skype messaging, phone calls, or another avenue make certain you treat each customer to their unique needs. Your customers want to communicate to get answers to their questions in a timely manner. Make certain your marketing strategy clearly defines how you will communicate with your customers.

When you receive a lot of information from a customer it will typically run through email in electronic form rather than paper. Email is the most efficient way of transmitting a lot of information in a fast manner and allows saving data entry time. Even with email it’s great to follow up with a phone call to validate and verify you have all the information, everything you understand is correctly, and go over any necessary delivery timelines.

When you have a new project, new phase to an existing project, conducting training, or even to just make certain everyone fully understands responsibilities, roles, and timelines it is always a great idea to meet in-person or a Skype call to go over all aspects of the project and keep communication flowing efficiently.

When a customer wants to talk to you after hours or on the weekend do you have a plan to do so? For us we set one person up as the after hours and weekend contact. Our toll-free number automatically forwards as well for those that may be prospective clients as we don’t want to miss an opportunity for a sale. We are continually working on evolving our after hours and weekend hours to cover all situations. This is checked and validated on a weekly basis to make certain that we are always communicating clearly with our customers.

If you handle social media accounts for several of your clients like we do there will be communication with your client’s customers at all hours of the night. These customers will be interacting with you through either the website, online chat, or through social media engagement. They want to engage with you right now and are actively seeking an answer to their question or problem. Your digital marketing needs to be constantly updated and working for you so that you can best communicate with your customers. Responding to inquiries, handling questions, and monitoring not only social media but the internet as part of reputation management goes on 24x7 and never stops.

The key for all customer interactions is to remember that "communication is key”. When you do communicate and everyone is on the same sheet of music things will almost always go more smoothly. Set the expectations from the beginning on how you will communicate by finding out what communication methods your customer wants you to use.

Having a plan in place to handle communication is critical and where companies like JM2 shine with our dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) experts, customer service, and social experts. When you hire JM2 you are not getting one or two people working for you. You are getting an entire team that is dedicated from writers, graphic designers, social media and SEO experts that are all designed to help on your digital marketing needs.

When you are ready to work with an entire team that is not outsourced and does everything in house, on-time, and on-budget; we are ready to serve you. Give us a call at @BUSINESSPHONETOLLFREE@, stop at our office at 403 E Lincolnway in Downtown Valparaiso Indiana, email at @BUSINESSEMAILADDRESS@, or use our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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