Small Business Web Design for Business Growth

Our websites are built for business growth using WordPress and other industry standard Content Management Systems (CMS).

WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites

We build WordPress websites that include an easy-to-understand layout, optimized user experience (UX), a firewall, 24x7 monitoring, updates, and over $500 in paid plugins.

The WordPress website we build for you is not built on any template. We take three or more sites you like and three you do not like and create a unique product that matches your brand identity. Each one is built from the ground up with your inspiration in mind.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

We now live in a mobile-first world. Desktops, Tablets, and Laptops are still essential for excellent customer experience. You need to think about the mobile user to achieve your site visitors' best experience. We develop every solution so that it has a responsive web design or RWD. This means as your customers visit your site with different screen sizes, your website will adjust to their needs not only today but years from now. We do this using open-sourced industry-standard frameworks.

Lead Generation Sales Funnels

Lead Generation

You're building your website so that you can educate, maintain, and grow your customer base. You can have the most beautiful website in the world. If your website doesn't allow you to capture and engage, you miss a crucial part of digital marketing with your site visitors. You need a system that captures this information and provides you with a mechanism to reach out to them throughout the entire sales and education journey. This can be with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is an electronic Rolodex or a system that captures email addresses to send newsletters and important information.

Front End Editor

Front End Editor

We utilize Beaver Builder, Elementor, or Gutenberg front-end editors to edit your website. A front-end editor not only makes it easy to edit your website but provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) of the edits you are doing. Having a visual editor speeds up the process for non-technical individuals and makes it so that the changes happen faster.

Custom Forms

Custom Forms

We integrate Gravity Forms into your WordPress website, which gives you all of the details the person fills out and the information as a PDF. We don't limit the number of forms that you can have on your website. We build everything to meet your business needs.

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance

You may be fortunate enough to have no disabilities, and it isn't on your radar. This isn't the case for many people, and ignoring them is ignoring potential revenue. This is why every website solution we create adhere's to the latest requirements put out by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This helps those with disabilities and ensures your website is built with the latest web standards.

For more about ADA Compliance continue scrolling down as we cover more in the next section about ADA compliance.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

When it comes to your website you need to make certain you comply with your brand standards. Don't know what brand standards are? Well, that's your colors, fonts, and imagery on your website. It doesn't stop with your website though! You need to remember your logo, business cards, flyers, and more to help spread your good information about your business.

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If you want to sell your products or services online, you need an eCommerce solution that showcases what you want to sell without breaking the bank. We continually work with the best eCommerce packages. There definitely isn't one solution that will work for everyone. We wish it was easy enough to have one solution, and we used to try and push everyone to a single answer as it looked and worked like Most businesses don't need that functionality or complexity in their lives. They need a solution that works with them today while growing with them as they grow.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Optimized Websites

No one builds a website in the hopes no one ever visits. Quite the contrary! When you create your website, you want it to be used as much as Google, Bing, and Facebook. That will probably never happen as those the beasts oof sites that have millions of people per hour reaching them. You should be able to get your intended audience to find you. To achieve this, you need to make sure your information is available on search engines like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, and other major search engines.

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Content Writing Services

Content Writing

Educating and informing are critical pieces of information for your website. We always ask you to provide the writing as you know your products and services better than we do. We understand that you are busy and often do not have the time to do so. This is when we step up for you and have one of our content writers contact you and create the content for you. When you have time to provide information, our content writers will still go through what you have to make sure it reads well for your visitors. We will double-check to make sure everything is spelled correctly. Abbreviations are noted for your visitors that might not know what one of those abbreviations are.

Analytics and Heatmapping

Analytics & Heatmapping

We set up every site with Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity heatmapping. Google Analytics allows you to understand the location, age, gender, and more about your website's visitors. Heatmapping will enable you to see how people use your website. You can see how far down a page they go, where their eyes are going, and where they click on every page of your website.

When it comes to analytics we provide you with one of two choices. The first is definitely your Google Analytics. The problem with Google Analytics is when dealing with eCommerce clients you can run into problems with laws from other countries, like the UK. They have a law called GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation as it's official name. This is why we have a second analytics solution which gives you everything Google Analytics does but complies with the GDPR law. Even non-eCommerce clients love it as you receive a lot more information.

No Templates or Branding

No Templates or Branding

We know you are unique, your business is unique, and your employees are outstanding. This is why we start out every site with a blank template. We build the foundation of your online experience based on your needs and your uniqueness. Many sites will all look similar with a heading, footing, etc. but that is where the similarities should end.

Beyond that, have you ever bought a car and had on the rear window or the bumper saying "Bought from so-and-so"? One of the first things we do is take those stickers off. We just paid good money for what we bought, and we shouldn't be advertising someone we gave money to and isn't giving us any advertising dollars. This is why you will see no website we've built have the "Designed/Hosted/Built by Fawkes Digital Marketing" on them. The reason for this is you paid us to develop and showcase your business and not promote ours!

WCAG (Guidelines) For People with Disabilities

Every website created or takenover from Fawkes Digital Marketing, goes through the process of being as compliant as possible without breaking your website for those with disabilities. We do this by following not only the best practices in the code that we write for you but also strive for full ADA compliance before we would integrate any ADA plugins. This means your website will be 90% or higher before any ADA plugins are installed. Fawkes Digital Marketing is the only digital marketing company in Cullman County Alabama that strives for this.

As a business owner you need to care. There are new lawsuits out daily and small business is an easy target for these. By striving you're not just helping those with disabilities. You are improving your website so that it is much easier to use and understand. This makes moving the needle for your organic search engine optimization (SEO) stronger than your competition.

By taking the proper steps you are establishing yourself not only as a leader/pillar of your community but also one that cares for all of your customers and employees (hint: employees have disabilities too!).

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

While the WCAG Version 2.0 replaced the WCAG Version 1.0, the brand new 2.1 Version is basically an extension of the former. There are three levels of conformance, including A (bare minimum level of accessibility), AA (target level of accessibility meeting legal requirements) and AAA (exceeds accessibility requirements). Under the latest WCAG Version 2.1 guidelines, we can see that in order to have an ADA compliance website design, your website needs to be:

  • Perceivable: The content within your website should offer alternatives to text. You need to be compatible with web browsers that provideassistive technology. This technology helps those that need the website read to them or visually-impaired visitors.
  • Operable: This guideline is set in terms of navigation, making sure that disabled people can access your website and content with various keyboard options (tabbing, jump to a location, etc.).
  • Understandable: Your content should be easy to understand, readable and predictable, with some input assistance if needed.
  • Robust: Essentially, you need to have content that is read by various devices and platforms (especially ones for people who use assistive technologies).

Key elements to any ADA Compliant website

  • Alt tags for all images and other files: Alt tags are words which allow users with disabilities to read or hear alternative descriptions of some content that they are unable to view. They describe the objects in an image or video and the purpose they serve on the website.
  • Proper markup techniques for structuring content: Elements such as the correct heading tags and HTML for ordered and unordered list can also help you get an ADA compliant website. The content should always be presented in a meaningful order and sequence, and it must read properly.
  • Element color: The use of one color should be avoided, and there must be a color contrast ratio of at least 4:5:1 between the text and background.
  • Element size: Like color, your elements and text need to come in different sizes – text must support resizing up to 200% without causing problems for people trying to read it.
  • Text transcripts for audio/video content: ADA compliant websites have text transcripts that help hearing-impaired users understand the content otherwise inaccessible to them.
  • Language on-site: You should make it clear what language your site is written. This helps users who utilize text readers to translate better or hear the text present on your website.
  • Alternatives for input errors: The ADA requirements for websites suggest that users can encounter input errors because of their need to navigate the website differently. It would be best if you learned how to design an ADA compliant website and offer recommendations to your visitors in such cases.
  • Consistency in layout: Your website layout should be consistent. This means that all of your menus, inks and buttons should be organized so that they are clearly moved away from one another and easily navigated throughout the site.

Is ADA Compliance Required?

ADA is a new act that was brought to users by the public. The ADA does not explicitly include web or mobile accessibility; however, the Department of Justice has stated on numerous occasions that ADA compliance includes access to websites that provide services, public accommodations, and/or other functions already included under the ADA.

ADA website compliance affects businesses with at least 15 full-time employees operating for 20 or more weeks every year. This is what Title I of the ADA regulations show, while Title III says that all businesses that fall into the category of "public accommodation" (hotels, banks, healthcare institutions, educational organizations, public transportation) are required to comply. If your business falls under either of these categories, you should see if your Website is compliant.

ADA Compliant Websites & Search Engine Optimization

ADA compliant websites are indexed and crawled by search engines in an easier way, pushing their position up in the rankings and getting the entire content in front of every user. The reason for this is they are built in a consistent way made for everyone.