If you are not investing in your business, how do you expect it to grow?

Small Business Information Technology (IT) Solutions


When it comes to any growing business technology is at the heart of everytihng. Our managed Information Technology solution is specifically designed for businesses of twenty-five employees and smaller with 100 or fewer devices. Can we handle more? Absolutely but we have focused on provided a cost-effective solution larger companies avoid.

Note: For accounts with more than 25-users/100-devices we have aligned with a company that uses the same technology as we do for our plan clients but is more focused on companies with 25+ employees/100-devices.

As your businesses grows it will rely on technology solutions that work on a daily basis. Our solution will monitor your equipment, make certain all proper security measures are taken and your employees don't have any technology issues.

Remote Management & Monitoring

We watch your entire network for updates, new equipment being added, etc.

Inventory Management

All of your equipment is logged and inventoried. This serves multiple benefits to your business:

  • We know everything you have, and so do you.
  • Helps your accountants know what you have from a depreciation standpoint.
  • Many insurance companies will lower your insurance costs.

Preventative Management

We monitor your equipment and network for any errors. In the event of an error we are often looking at it before you may have noticed it. We will be keeping the patches and updates done on your network devices as well.

Firewalls, Virus Protection, Malware Protection, & Backups

The safety and security of your labptops and desktops is important to us and we know you as well. We keep these devices updated along with the firewall to protect your business network.

Email Management

We provide management to either Office 365 email or through SmarterTools SmarterMail Exchange compatible server. Key features are:

  • Email Reputation
  • Email Flow
  • Email access
  • Daily backups
  • HIPPA compliance
  • GDPR compliance
  • Mail archiving
  • Virus, Spam, & malware removal

Ticketing System

Your entire team will have the ability to request work to be done through:

  • Email
  • Ticketing

You will have 24x7 access to a customized user portal that you can dig even deeper into any activity that has been performed on your account.


Each month you will receive a summary of all the activity we did for you during the month. This will include:

  • Overall summary (Green, Yellow, or Red)
  • List of all updates performed
  • List of all requests received and the status of them.

You will have 24x7 access to a customized user portal that you can dig even deeper into any activity that has been performed on your account.

Priced Fairly

All managed accounts have the following:

  • Remote dial-in software so that we can keep your machine updated and assist in support of your team.
  • Monitoring of all machines.
  • Updates for all machines.

Billing Information

  • Everything is based on devices on your network. The starting price is $175/month which includes your first hour.
  • You may purchase non-expiring hours to further lower your costs. These hours are paid in advanced and when they run out will auto-renew based on the level you want. Hours can be purchased in 10-hour increments.
  • All work is billed in 15-minute (quarter hour) increments.
  • Travel for physical work within 15 miles is included at no charge. When travel exceeds the 15 mile radius the rate is at $60/hour.