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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management Services

Customer relationship management or as many of you know it is called CRM. We have been using this CRM internally since 2013 with many interations to meet our needs. Starting in 2023 we have chosen to make it available to others. As we grow the system we will continue to add to add to this page. If you want to use the CRM, be shown a demo, or request a feature email our support team at .

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The Downloads module allows you to access all files (documents) within the system. These documents are attached to other modules or available for the public side of your website.

Key Features

  • Start/end dates for availability.
  • Track how often opened and by a specific user/ip address
  • Are assigned to specific modules (e.g., Accounts, News & Events, Tasks, and Users).
  • Easily Updatable.

KB Articles

KB articles are used to document how to perform tasks and provide consistent information to your team and website visitors.

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of categories.
  • Different KB Articles for specific versions / variations.
  • Classify the KB Articles based on the user level of expertise.
  • Track how many people are viewing the KB Articles with their user/IP address information.
  • KB Articles can be shown based on a specified start/end date.
  • Set the last updated date.
  • Ability to have different display templates.
  • Set SEO information for better positioning on the search engines.
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KB Articles Edit: Miscellaneous Information
KB Articles Edit: META Information
KB Articles Edit: Advanced Information

Portal Users

Within Portal Users you keep track of everyone that has login access into your system or subscribes to newsletters all within a centralized place. This allows you to control all interactions with those that you want to communicate and continue to inform.

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of users can be associated with Accounts/Leads.
  • Users can be given access to one or more modules or just the ability to update their newsletter information.
  • Logging of users activities within the portal.
  • Attach tasks to individual users.
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Portal Users Module - Edit 6

Portal User Security

Handling security on a user by user level makes sense if you don't have a lot of users. Once you start adding security you need roles that you assign people to. This is where Portal User Security comes in. You can create an unlimited number of groups and roles to assign your site users to. The system comes with a set of already created roles of Administrators, Customer Support, No Access, Regular User.

Payments Module - Grid
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Payments Module - Edit 2
Payments Module - Edit 3
Payments Module - Edit 4
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Tasks allow you to log every interaction you have with your customers. These items are available to you and also to external customers if you provide them access to the private customer portal.

Key Features

  • Tied to Accounts/Leads and Users.
  • Customers can enter their own tasks with the full task form or a subset of of features.
  • Logging of information is done through an unlimited number of business defined categories.
  • Attach documents to further add details and supporting information to the task.
  • Tie in customer SLA (Service Level Agreements) to get items done quickly.
  • Auto-assign to those you designate.
  • Email notifications to the support team as well as the customer.
  • Integration with VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) systems.
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Tasks Module - Edit 3
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Tasks Module - Edit 5

Customer Portal

Imagine you sold a particular product to a customer. You give them access to their portal. They can log in and access those manuals and don't have to go looking through every manual you have. They can update their information and keep it current. They can request service and have that request immediately sent to the right individuals to take action. Once the work is completed, the customer notified it's complete, along with how long it took and the action(s) taken.

Customer Portal

Address Information

Addresses are central to many modules in the system and allow you to store information to better communicate.

Key Features

  • Stores all key information related to module (e.g., Accounts, News & Events, Users, etc.)
  • All address fields can be turned on/off by clicking a single checkbox.
  • Addresses can perform a lookup of city, state, county, latitude, and longitude.
Address Information
Address Information - Edit 1
Address Information - Edit 2
Address Information - Edit 3
Address Information - Edit 4
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WordPress / Website Care Plans

We offer four website care plans to fit the needs of most businesses. The fourth care plan, which we call the custom care plan option and starts at the gold care plan pricing.

  • Choose the care plan that meets your businesses needs
  • Available Discounts (Note: Discounts do not apply to DIY plan)
    • Paying annually you receive a 10% discount from the monthly costs
    • Not-For-Profit organizations receive 10% off the monthly rate
    • Discounts can be combined
  • For information on the DIY (Do It Yourself) Plan click here
  • Customized Quotes are Available Upon Request
  • Upfront Costs (One-time) (Note: DIY Plan has different pricing. Please visit the DIY Website by clicking here
    • New Website: $1,997
    • Existing Website Migration: $397
Monthly Cost$59.99$100$229$365
Website Hosting & Core/Plugin Updates
Email Addresses (optional)151020
Website Update Hours (per Month)
Local SEO with Google & Bing Business Pages 
SEO Posts (Products, Services, Specials)  2 / Month1 / Week
Reputation Management 
Business Relevant Local Directories (e.g., Yellow Pages)  
Domain Registration Included *Optional
Google Analytics
     Setup Goals  
Heat Mapping Adjustments  QuarterlyMonthly
Customer Relationship Mangement (CRM)Add-OnAdd-OnAdd-On

* Domain Name Registration requires the domain be under our account so we know we can pay.

Digital Marketing Partners We Work With

Fawkes Digital Marketing works with industry leaders to help you grow your business with an emphasis on getting leads and turning potential customers in customers. We strive to continue the education process so that your current customesr stay loyal and become cheerleaders of your brand.