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Fawkes Digital Marketing is the fastest-growing digital marketing company in Northwest Indiana. We are not "Jack of All Trades." We specialize in:

  • Website design
  • Local Organic Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Reputation management
  • social media management

We are a digital marketing agency helping businesses out throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We have expertise that started in 1995 when the Internet started with small town pricing and big-city quality in one efficient package.



Your Virginia Locations Web Design Marketing Agency

We are your fastest growing marketing agency in Virginia Locations. We offer the following core services:

  • Web Design - We believe in providing a complete web design solution designed around helping your customers get the answers to the question they are asking. Beyond just answering the questions with great information, we look at collecting your website visitors' information to follow up with them to continue the sales process through effective lead generation.
  • Organic Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - When it comes to marketing your business on the Internet, you have two options. You have PPC or Pay-Per-Click, and then you have what is called "organic" SEO. When your strategy is PPC, you are required to give Google money constantly. We believe in putting in hard work rather than forcing you to spend your money on ads that force you to continue running ads to get results.
  • Reputation Management - To augment and improve your local organic SEO, you need an efficient way to gather reviews to show others how excellent your business is.
  • Local Directories - We have tools to do this and put your business in all local directories, like the Yellow Pages. These local directories need to be updated, and we do that for you. Key areas you want to include are your hours, updated pictures, updates to your products and services, and the latest happenings with your business.
  • Social Media Management - Any marketing would be missing if you didn't communicate with customers and future customers on social media. You need to get your brand message out, reply to your fans, and post consistently.

Fawkes Digital Marketing has been serving businesses throughout the United States since 2013. We have built a system designed to help companies to grow by 15-20+% year-over-year.

We would love to talk with you for a free consultation. We will listen to your current struggles, what you want to achieve, and then let you know if we're the fit for you. If we find out we're not the right fit, we will help you get with a company to help you achieve your goals.

You can see samples of our work on our WordPress Managed website design at https://yetimanaged.com/ and see several case studies of a few of the projects we've done.

Virginia Locations

Alexandria, Virginia

We do web design, SEO, social media, and reputation in and around Alexandria, Virginia.

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Chesapeake, Virginia

We do web design, SEO, social media, and reputation in and around Chesapeake, Virginia.

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Richmond, Virginia

We do web design, SEO, social media, and reputation in and around Richmond, Virginia.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

We do web design, SEO, social media, and reputation in and around Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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The Dream Of The Ideal Domain

The Dream Of The Ideal Domain

By John Marx on 5/8/2022 | Tags: clients

Dreams come in many ways for each of us. We started over nine years ago with a desire to help businesses achieve their dream domain name. As of today, a dream we have now done is to help companies to gain their desired domain name four times. Let's look at all four as each was unique. We'll then explore how we announce it to each client and how you can work on getting your desired domain name if someone else owns it.

Can You Rank For What Doesn't Exist?

Can You Rank For What Doesn't Exist?

By John Marx on 5/6/2022 | Tags: SEO

Recently I had to go back to organic search engine optimization or organic SEO learning and school/research. I always find it good to go back to your fundamentals to re-evaluate if you're missing something. I was told to rank a site for three keyword phrases. Out of the nine words (three words in each keyword phrase), only one of those words existed on the site. That word existed once out of around one million words on the site. Was I wrong in my logic? Had I become 'complacent' in the daily SEO tasks that I missed this capability? Was I truly not as knowledgeable as I thought? This is the journey of my research.

Coffee Shop Organic SEO Checks

Coffee Shop Organic SEO Checks

By John Marx on 3/29/2022 | Tags: SEO

We love coffee (and beer), but this article will be all about the coffee and checking on organic SEO results for our clients. We have some great software and team members who know SEO's ins and outs. Our software allows us to sit anywhere globally and get our clients ranked in the towns they want without ever setting foot in those cities and towns. For me, that is in Valparaiso. I always do real-world validation checks for quality control by physically driving to locations to test their organic SEO.

Press Release: FDM Donates 10% of Each Year’s Profit to Help Homelessness

Press Release: FDM Donates 10% of Each Year’s Profit to Help Homelessness

By John Marx on 3/29/2022 | Tags: Homelessness

Valparaiso, Indiana, March 20, 2022 -- One of the most important things that contributes to people being successful and well-adjusted in life is ensuring that they have a home. One local web and graphic design and development company is making it their mission to help with those efforts. Each year, Fawkes Digital Marketing (FDM) donates to ValpoShelter.org to facilitate in the education of homelessness and provide resources for men, women, and families in need of assistance. This assistance goes deeper than just finding a home. Valpo Shelter helps with food, health, and religious support in the local communities of Indiana. Valpo Shelter is the largest and most complete shelter directory in the State of Indiana.

What is TF-IDF in relation to SEO?

What is TF-IDF in relation to SEO?

By John Marx on 3/13/2022 | Tags: SEO

Another abbreviation from the land of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The first place ot start is what does TF-IDF stand for. TF-IDF stands for 'Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency'. This is a technique that came out from Hans Peter Luhn in 1957 came up with the Term Frequency part. In 1972, Karen Spärck Jones, conceived the Inverse Document Frequency (IDF) portion. So, this is nothing new in regard to existence. What is new is how the search engines use this information to help in the calculation and rating of your website pages.

Replying to Reviews

Replying to Reviews

By John Marx on 3/7/2022 | Tags: Review Management

There are three ways to reply to reviews. We're going to cover the worst to the best way. I encourage you to read all as I explain why the bad ones are awful and hurting your business growth.

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Fawkes Digital Marketing works with industry leaders to help you grow your business with an emphasis on getting leads and turning potential customers in customers. We strive to continue the education process so that your current customesr stay loyal and become cheerleaders of your brand.