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Government & Community

Easy to Use

Government and community based sites need to provide information to both the public as well as privately between employees, board members, and the community.

  • Alerts on pages to inform and educate the public
  • Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliance
  • Blogging
  • Downloads with tracking
  • Logging of all actions
  • News & Events
  • Newsletters without having to use third-party systems
  • Private portal based on user security and groups
  • Security
  • Standards compliance

HTML5, CSS3, and Web Standards


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Many businesses will use QuickBooks or another accounting package to keep track of their customers. Others use Post-It Notes, Excel files, pads of paper, or individual email clients to keep track of their customers. There is a better way, and that is a CRM or Customer Relationship Management system. A CRM system will allow you to:

  • Keep track of current customers
  • Keep track of leads
  • Keep track of interactions with your customers/leads
  • Share information with employees
  • Give a single place of truth for all customer interactions for all employees

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