Logging Levels and What They Cover

 Created Date: 9/1/2023 |  User Level: Regular User |  Views: 16

Logging within Brilliance has been enhanced to provide you with the most control. We always recommend starting everyone at level 4, as it logs what most businesses need to know. We've broken everything down into groups that work for most. Each group builds on the previous level. The levels range from 0 (minimal) to 5 (maximum).

  • Level 0: Logging of all emails, SMS, MMS, and other communications in and out of the system. These are both successes and failures.
  • Level 1: Covers everything in level 0, plus security-related information. These are access denied pages, login, logout, country and IP address block checks, system alerts, password changes, and session information.
  • Level 2: Covers the previous two levels (0 and 1) and all cookie-related information. The system utilizes cookies minimally but can use them, and we've made this its own level so that it allows you to separate the security.
  • Level 3: Brings in all the previous levels and those viewing reports. These reports are both within the private portal and outside the portal. Outside the portal can be those viewing quotes and invoices.
  • Level 4: Takes all the previous levels along with any errors that have happened within the system.
  • Level 5: Logs everything that happens within the system. Anywhere we feel something should be logged -- it's logged. This will allow you to meet any industry requirements from a tracking standpoint. As new standards come out, we will further enhance to this level.

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