Exporting WordPress WooCommerce Orders with WebToffee Import Export (Basic)

 Created Date: 4/12/2022 10:52:14 PM |  User Level: Regular User |  Views: 403

The WebToffee Import Export (Basic) plugin lets you export order information, coupons, products, product reviews, product categories, product tags, and user/customer information. In these instructions, we will cover how to export your WordPress WooCommerce orders. We will be using the advanced export so that you can get information on a specific WooCommerce product.

  • Log into the system as an administrator or user group with the WebToffee Import Export (Basic) plugin rights.
  • Click on WebToffee Import Export (Basic) from the left side menu.
    Load WebToffee
  • Click on Export.
  • Choose Order for the post type to export.
    Export Post Type
  • Click on Step 2: Select an export method.
  • Click on Advanced export.
    Advanced Export
  • Click on Step 3: Filter data.
  • Scroll down to Product and type in the product name(s) you want to filter on.
    Select Products
    • Note: You will have to type the first three characters before the information appears in the dropdown list to choose.
  • Click on Step 4: Map and reorder export columns.
    Map and Order Columns
  • Select the fields you want to export.
    • Note: All fields are checked by default which works for most exports. You can always remove columns after the export is completed.
  • Click on Step 5: Advanced options/Batch export.
    Advanced Export Options
  • Click on Export.
  • Click on Download file when the popup box appears.
    Download Export File
    • Note: If you plan on exporting this more than just once you can click on Save template so that you have all the fields filled in the same as this time. Type in a name that matters to you and click on Save.