How to Use The Dashboard

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The dashboard is divided into four core areas and will vary based on your access level. The dashboard is entirely customizable for an organization. The information outlined below is the default configuration.

Portal Dashboard

Top Left

When you move your mouse over to the top left you will notice a menu fly out from the left-hand side. To the right of your portal dashboard, you will see three dots with three lines to the right. You can click on this to expand the menu.

To the right of the three dots and lines you will notice your company name. You can click here and be given quick access to the dashboard itself or view your website that the public sees.

Portal Dashboard Top Left

Top Right

The top right will show your name. When you click on your name you will be given four options.

  • My Account Settings - Allows a user to update their information. This can be their name, address, phone, etc.
  • Create Tasks - Allows you to create a task for administrators of the system.
    • Note: If an organization isn't using tasks at all it is common for these to be removed.
  • Change Password - Allows you to change from your current password to a new password.
  • Logout - Logs you out of the system. You should do this whenever you are done using the portal.


Portal Dashboard Top Right


The footer will display your organizational name. The version of the software that is being used is located in the bottom right.

Portal Dashboard Footer

Detail Area

The detail area will contain the information that is relevant to the area you are working in. This area is dynamic, and you should look at each module's specific information.

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