Setting Up PayPal with WordPress WooCommerce

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When using WooCommerce on WordPress you will want to accept payments from your customers. In these instructions we will be walking you through getting up and running with PayPal. We will be setting up with the standard PayPal module that comes with WooCommerce as it is secure, comes with all WooCommerce installations, and is easy to setup.


  • You are logged in as an administrator with access to the WooCommerce settings.
  • You have WooCommerce installed already.
  • You need to have a PayPal account already setup and configured.
  • Before beginning make certain to have the following for the person that is assigned to the PayPal account:
    • SSN (last 4 digits)
    • Date of Birth (Month, Day, and Year)
    • Home address with city/state/zip


  1. Click o.WooCommerce from the left side menu.
    Load WooCommerce
  2. Click o.Settings from the left side menu under WooCommerce.
    Load WooCommerce Settings
  3. Click on the tab that say.Payments.
  4. At the bottom of the tab you will see section thta say.PayPal and a button to the right that say.Get Started.
    Setup PayPal
  5. Click on th.Connect to PayPal.
    Connect Your PayPal Account
  6. Enter in you.PayPal email address for your PayPal account.
    Enter your PayPal email address
  7. 4
  8. Enter in you.PayPal password that is associated to your PayPal account.
    Enter in your PayPal password
  9. Click o.Agree and Connect to give WooCommerce and PayPal access to talk with each other.
    Agree to connect PayPal to your WooCommerce
  10. Click o.Use existing business account for processing payments. You may choose t.Create a new business account if you want. That is not covered here in these instructions. Then click on th.Next button.
    Select use existing business account
  11. Enter in name as you would like it to appear for those purchasing products from you. Th.This nonprofit is a registered charity. will only show if you are a registered not-for-profit with PayPal. Your business name will show here. Now scroll your screen down with the scroll bar on the right.
    Verify business information
  12. Enter an estimate of your monthly sales. For those starting out it's always good to use the default o.Up to USD $4,999. If you know an amount you can choose from the other amount ranges provided. Enter in address (e.g., Enter in you.Customer Service Email Address. This address is typically your main address or one assigned to handle customer inquiries. Enter in you.Customer Service Phone Number that people would call. This should be your regular listed number unless you have a specific customer service phone number. Then click on th.Next button.
    Verify revenue estimates
  13. Your legal full name will display that is associated with your PayPal account. Enter in you.SSN (last 4 digits). Enter in your date of, an.year. Choose your nationality (e.g., United States). Enter in your Hom.street address (line 1 and line 2). Now scroll your screen down with the scroll bar on the right.
    Enter in your personal information
    • Note: Your SSN and birthday are kept private with PayPal and are only used if the EIN associated with your company doesn't validate during a standard credit check.
  14. Enter in you.City.State (or province if you chose a country that uses provinces), an.ZIP code. You will need to check the box t.Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then click on th.Next button.
    Finish your personal information
  15. You now need to identify one, or more, individuals that have management over the company. When none are assigned you will see a checkbox to select. This will list their first name and last name. Once you have entered that you will enter their ownership information from 0 to 100%. Before continuing the total should equal 100%.
    Provide Management Information
  16. Now enter the person who is entering the information. This doesn't have to be one of the people listed about. Enter their first name and last name.
    Person entering first and last name
  17. Choose your account protection. You have these two options available to you:
    • Chargeback Protection - Protects transactions from unauthorized or "item not received" chargebacks at 0.5% per transaction. Just subit the info we need.
    • Fraud Protection - Monitors transactions for fraud based on the custom filters that you set. Get insights and reports, and personalized filter recommendations.

    Return back to WooCommerce
  18. Click on Go back to WooCommerce Developers to return to your website. Once you do the popup window will close and your website PayPal setup screen will refresh.
    Go back to WooCommerce Developers
  19. You will now see your PayPal API Credentials on the screen. You do not need to do anything here. This is just a confirmation that you are now setup to receive payment.
    Note: We have intentially left off the Disconnect button in the screenshot as we do not want you to press it as this will take PayPal away from you. Only the verification information is displayed for your reference.
    PayPal Information is visible