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Addresses are central to many modules in the system.

Key Features

  • Stores all key information related to module (e.g., Accounts, News & Events, Users, etc.)
  • All address fields can be turned on/off by clicking a single checkbox.
  • Addresses can perform a lookup of city, state, county, latitude, and longitude.


You will need to have a valid system login that has been granted access to the Downloads module.

Sample Screenshot

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Address Information
Address Information - Edit 1
Address Information - Edit 2
Address Information - Edit 3
Address Information - Edit 4
Address Information - Edit 5

Adding & Editing

  • General Information
    • Address Type: The type is an identifier for the address. This is often used to link data between different systems (e.g., QuickBooks).
    • Account Number: The account number is a way of uniquely identifing this record. This should be unique for every address. This is often referred to as the address unique identifier.
  • Name Information
    • Salutation: This is how you would like the person to be addressed. By default, the system comes with the following salutations:
      • Dear
      • Dr
      • Good afternoon
      • Good evening
      • Good morning
      • Hello
      • Miss
      • Mr
      • Mrs
      • Ms
      • Prof
      • Professor
      • Sir
      • To
      • To Whom It May Concern
    • First Name: The first name of the person.
    • Middle Name: The persons middle name.
    • Last Name: The persons last name.
    • Last Name (Maiden): The persons maiden name.
    • Suffix: The persons name suffix. Items that are routinely used as suffixes are I, II, III, First, Second, etc.
    • Display Name: This is how the person would like their name displayed when written out completely.
    • Email Address: The primary email address associated with the person.
  • Address Information
    • Title: The persons job title.
    • Address Line 1: The primary street address.
    • Address Line 2: The second line address.
    • Address Line 3: The third line address.
    • Country: The country associated with the address. The reason this is before the rest is that by choosing the country when you enter the postal code the system can then properly query the Internet for the proper city, state, county, latitude, and longitude of the address. If the information isn't found it will be left blank.
      • Note: You can turn off the auto-fill and query for the city, state, county, latitude, and longitude of the address in settings.
    • Postal Code: The postal (zip) code location of the address.
    • City: The city of the address.
    • State: The state (province) the address is in.
    • County: The county (parish) the address is in.
    • Latitude: The latitude location for pinpoint accuracy on any maps.
    • Longitude: The longitude location for pinpoint accuracy on any maps.
  • Phone Information
    • Phone: The primary phone number.
    • Fax: A fax number for transmitting documents through fax.
    • Toll Free: Toll-free number.
    • Other Phone: Any additional phone number.
    • Emergency Phone: An emergency phone number.
    • Emergency Contact: The name of the person you should ask for when calling the emergency number.
  • Gender, Family & Relationship Information
    • Gender: The gender of the person.
    • Marital Status: The persons marital status.
    • Language: The primary language the person speaks.
    • Time Zone: The time zone the person is in.
    • Spouse: If the person has a spouse/significant other.
    • Spouse Birthday: The birthday of the person's spouse/signifcant other.
    • Anniversary: The anniversary of the person's spouse/signifcant other.
    • Has Pets: Does the person have pets.
    • Pet Notes: If the person has pets what do they have.
    • Has Children: Does the person have children or grandchildren.
    • Children Notes: What information about the children do you want to know.
  • Birthday's and Dates
    • Birthday: What is the persons birthday?
    • High School Graduation Date: When did they graduate high school (diploma or GED).
    • College Graduation Date: The graduation date for college.
    • Other Graduation Date: The graduation date for a trade school or other education.
    • Other Graduation Text: What is the trade school or other education information.
  • Website & Social Media
    • Website URL: The primary URL for the person.
    • Website URL 2: The secondary URL for the person.
    • Website URL 3: The third URL for the person.
    • Facebook: Facebook page URL.
    • Instagram: Instagram page URL.
    • Twitter: Twitter page URL.
    • LinkedIn: LinkedIn page URL.
    • Pinterest: Pinterest page URL.
    • Tumblr: Tumblr page URL.
    • Yelp: Yelp page URL.
    • YouTube: YouTube page URL.
  • Drivers License Information: This information is used for those that require employees to have documentation for driving.
    • Drivers License: The persons drivers license number.
    • Drivers License State: The state of issue for the drivers license.
    • Drivers License Expiration: The expiration date for the drivers license.
    • DOT Driver: Is the person a DOT (Department of Transportation) driver.
    • DOT Annual Review: When is the DOT annual review.
    • DOT Review Source: Where was the review last done.
    • DOT Physical: When was the last DOT physical done.
  • Social Security & Background Check Information
    • SSN: What is the persons social security number (SSN).
    • Background Check: Was and when was the last background check.
  • Demographic & Personal Information
    • Ethnicity: What is the persons etnicity.
    • Political Party: What political party is the person associated with.
    • Income: What is the persons income level.
    • Credit Score: What is the persons credit score.
    • Home Owned: Does the person own their home.
    • Home Value: What is the value of their home.
    • Home Date: When was the home first purchased.
    • Home Notes: What notes do you have on the home.
    • Interests: What are the persons interests.
  • Custom Information: Custom fields allow you to change the label and store information that is relevant to your organization.
    • Custom 01: Custom field #1
    • Custom 02: Custom field #2
    • Custom 03: Custom field #3
    • Custom 04: Custom field #4
    • Custom 05: Custom field #5
    • Custom 06: Custom field #6
    • Custom 07: Custom field #7
    • Custom 08: Custom field #8
    • Custom 09: Custom field #9
  • Additional Information
    • Additional Information: Additional information that wasn't covered anywhere else.
    • Referral: Was this person referred to you from someone else. If so, who was it referred to you from.
    • Do Not Send Emails: The person has indicated they do not wish to receive any emails.
    • Do Not Send Mail: The person has indicated they do not wish to receive mail through the postal service.

Tips & Tricks

  • Every field can be turned on/off.
  • All sensitive information is encrypted.
  • You should only have enabled the fields that mean something to your business. Having every field on makes the address fields overwhelming.

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