Module: Payments

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Allows the capturing from the front end of your website for manual processing of a credit card or bank ACH.

Key Features

  • Securely capture for manual processing.
  • All information is fully encrypted.


You will need to have a valid system login that has been granted access to the Downloads module.

Sample Screenshot

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Payment Module - Grid
Payment Module - Edit 1
Payment Module - Edit 2
Payment Module - Edit 3
Payment Module - Edit 4
Payment Module - Edit 5

Adding & Editing

  • Billing Information
    • Company Name: The company name that the payment is to be applied to.
    • Name: The person paying or authorized to pay.
    • Address: The business address.
    • City: The city the business payment method is in.
    • State: The state the business is in.
    • Postal Code: The postal code for the business.
    • Phone Number: The phone number for the business.
    • Email Address: The email address for the business.
  • Credit Card Information
    • Card Number: The credit card number.
    • CVV: The CVV for the credit card number
    • Expire Month: The expiration month for the credit card number
    • Expire Year: The expiration year for the credit card number
  • ACH Payment Information
    • Name on Account: Name on the account.
    • Bank Name: Bank name.
    • Account Number: Check bank account number.
    • Routing Number: Check bank routing number.
  • Payment Information
    • Pay For: What the payment is for. The default values are:
      • Courses
      • Event
      • Invoice
      • Products
      • Silent Auction
      • Other
    • Invoice Number: The invoice number, if any, that the payment applies to.
    • Amount: The amoun that should be charged.
    • Frequency: How often should the charge happen.
  • Additional Information
    • Comment: Any comments that you have regarding the payment.
    • File Attachment: Attachment of any supporting documentation for the payment.
  • Processed Information
    • Processed Date: The date the information was processed.

Tips & Tricks

  • The credit card and ACH information should be removed as soon as the information is processed.