Module: Portal User Security

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Handling security on a user by user level makes sense if you don't have a lot of users. Once you start adding security you need roles that you assign people to. This is where Portal User Security comes in. You can create an unlimited number of groups and roles to assign your site users to. The system comes with a set of already created roles of Administrators, Customer Support, No Access, Regular User.

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of groups with full descriptions.
  • Ability to set View-only, Editing, Deleting, Settings, Reports, and exporting of data.
  • Assign multiple users to security groups.
  • A group can have no modules, all modules, or a select number of modules.
  • If a person doesn't have access to any item in the system they do not see it.


You will need to have a valid system login that has been granted access to the Downloads module.

Sample Screenshot

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Payments Module - Grid
Payments Module - Edit 1
Payments Module - Edit 2
Payments Module - Edit 3
Payments Module - Edit 4
Payments Module - Edit 5

Adding & Editing

  • Portal User Security Group
    • Description: Short description of what the groups purpose is.
    • Description (Long): A larger description that explains what the group is for.
    • Active: States whether the security group is active or not.
      • Note: If this is not active the user will still be allowed to log into the system but will have access to only their own account and logging out of the system.
  • Security Detail Module Access
    • Grid: Shows all the modules that are currently integrated into the Portal User Security Group.
      • Note: If a module is disabled and already exists in the list it will stay in the list as the module could be enabled at a later time. The user would not have access to that module if it is turned off in the Modules module even if it says they have access here.
    • Add / Edit
      • Security Description: This is a non-editable field that is pulled from the Portal User Security Groups description.
      • Module: The module that is being given access to.
      • Description: A short description of why this module is being given access.
      • Description (Long): More details about the reason for access.
      • Active: Whether this module is enabled or disabled.
      • Allow Viewing: Is the user allowed to view records.
      • Allow Edit: Are edits allowed to be done by the user.
      • Allow Delete: Are deletes allowed to be done by the user.
      • Allow Settings: Is the user allowed to modify the modules settings.
      • Allow Reports: Is the user allowed to run any available reports.
      • Allow Export: Is the user allowed to export the grid in Microsoft Excel format.

Tips & Tricks

  • Having too many security groups can become an IT administrator nightmare. Think out your process before creating too many groups that you cannot properly monitor your systems security.

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