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The Redirector module allows you to redirect pages that you no longer want visible to a new location. These changes can be temporary or permanent.

Key Features

  • Set the redirection url based on a specific start/end date.
  • Set the proper response code to inform the search engines.
  • See how many times the old url has redirected to the new url.


You will need to have a valid system login that has been granted access to the Redirector module.

Sample Screenshot

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Redirect Module Grid
Redirect Module Edit

Adding & Editing

  • Redirect From: This is the old address you want to redirect from (e.g., /About-Us/).
  • Redirect To: This is the new address you want to redirect to (e.g., /About/).
  • Response Status Code: The response code lets the web browser and search engines know what type of redirection you are doing. In the majority of situations, you will choose either a 301 or 302 redirect. The values for redirects are below:
    • Moved Permanently (301): Use this for permanently deleted or moved pages. This is the most common redirect used and should be used if you are upgrading from an existing website where the structure has changed.
    • Moved Temporarily (302): This states the page is temporarily offline and will be back in the future.
    • Not Found - Permanent (410): Use this for pages that are deleted that will not be coming back and you have no other page you want to redirect to.
    • Not Found - Temporary (404): The page is presently deleted but will be back in the future.
    • Success (200): Not a redirect at all. A status of 200 means the page has loaded successfully.
    • You can create additional redirections with response codes by using
    • Application Settings (Advanced)
  • Start Date : This is the date the redirection is supposed to start. You set a start date if you know a page will not be available in the future. If you want the redirection to happen immediately, use the current date. The default date is the current date.
  • End Date : This is the date the redirection is to stop. The default value is 12/31/2500.
  • Page Views: Although you cannot set this will show you the number of times the Redirect From url was accessed and the requested Response Status Code has happened.
  • Active : When active is checked, the system will run this redirection. If this is not checked it will not run.
  • The exception to being checked that the system will not run is when the current date is not between the start and end dates. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Note: The Redirect From and Redirect To do not have the domain name (e.g. address.

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