Setting your outbound mail server settings

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In the steps below the following are what you will need to have access to:

  • Portal Login
  • Access to App Setup

SMTP Information

  • Click on App Setup
  • In the General tab (first tab) click on the heading of "Mail Sending Settings" to expand the section
  • SMTP Server is the mail server you will be sending through
    SMTP Username is the authentication username for sending the email
    SMTP Password is the authentication password for sending the email
    Mail From is who the email address will be from
    • When you set the "Mail From" you may have to use your "SMTP Username" as some mail servers do not allow falsifying this information. You should check with your mail provider for the proper mail from email address
      Send Unknown Emails To who should receive emails that are not known. This is normally your webmaster.
      CC on all emails who should receive every email sent from the system as a carbon copy user
      BCC on all emails who should receive every email sent from the system as a blind carbon copy user
      SMTP Timeout is the timeout value for sending email. This is normally 11000.
      SMTP Port is the outbound mail port. This is typically 25, 2525, or 587 but can be any port number from 1 to 65535.
      Use SSL for email authentication is checked if your email server requires a SSL (TLS) connection
      Send To Business Email If TO Address Empty if the email address TO is ever empty use the value for the overall system address. This address is defined in Application Settings (Advanced), category of Website, and field name of Email Address. 

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