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Food Items is used to create food menus for your restaurant. There are  many features that allow this tool to be adaptable to all types of menu types. The contents of this KB article are as outlined below:

  • Food Groups

    • Required Information

    • Custom Header and Footer.

  • Food Items

  • Search and Sort

Food Groups


  To begin let’s talk briefly about Food Groups. A Food Group in this  case is not necessarily the food groups of the food pyramid that you may be  familiar with. Instead you are able to categorize your food items by whatever name you want. Say that you have many types of sandwiches. At that point it would make sense to  make a Food Group of sandwiches.

In this CMS you must first create Food Group before you create a Food Item of that  Food Group. Hence why I’m writing about Food Group first. Let’s continue by filling out the  required information.

Required Information

  • Group Name - It’s here where you’d write something like sandwiches or desserts.

  • Description - This just describes what the group consists of.

  • Description (Long) -  If any additional detail is needed on this  category then that goes here.

  • Language - This just  represents the language of input.

  • Display Order - The  display order defines the order that  the item will be displayed in the output. By default  it’s alphabetical (this is only local to each Food Group).

  • Active -  This determines if the food group is shown or not.

Custom Header and Footer

  • Header / footer -  This can be used to  add additional information or  styling to the specified food group being edited/created.

Food Items

Required Information

  • Group Name - This  correlates to the group name(s) that you set earlier. If you want to  create a type of sandwich then you’d choose the sandwich group name.

  • Language  - Again this is the  language in which you’re writing your menu.

  • Description -  This should appear  below the Food Item that you’re  creating.

  • Menu Price(1,2,3)  - There can be multiple prices for a specific food item. For example you may have different sizes of salads or drinks and therefore you’d need multiple prices.  

  • Display Order - This  changes the displayed order of the food items within the Food Group.

  • Description (Long) - This shows underneath the description of the Food Item.

  • Image - If you wanted an  image of the Food Item to show then you’d attach that here.

Menu Information

  • Active -  This determines if the  calorie information for this food item will  show.

  • Calories - Input the calories of the  Food Item here.

Menu Options

  • Various options (shown below) - These options just  allow you to specify any additional information about the  food item.  

Menu Allergy Information

  • Allergen - If this Food Item is an allergen then you check this checkbox.

  • Allergy Information -  You can specify the allergen information here if it is an allergen.

Search and Sort

When you  click on the Food Items module or  go back to the Food Items list from creating a  new Food Item or Food Group you should see something like this:

The use of these  types of searches are covered extensively in the Search and Sort KB article here.

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