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The search and sort tool is in just about every module. It’s  very useful for finding and managing things within modules that contain this  tool. I’ll cover everything about the Search and Sort tool in further detail as outlined below:

  • Search and Sort

    • Searching

    • Sorting

Search and Sort

Just below Add New you’ll see something like what is show below.


You may have  noticed that when you used the  browser’s search feature that it searches the whole page  for what you typed. This tool above allows you to filter the results shown in realtime.


If there  are still many pages named  home that’s not a problem. You may put in an additional filter that it has a Category of reports. Following this method you can hone in on the page that you’re looking for quite quickly.



In addition to typing in searches one can click on a column heading in order to sort in ascending or descending order. Let's say you want to sort the Category column alphabetically. Just  click on Category and wait a few seconds. You'll see a loading icon like this() when it is working on sorting.

NOTE: When you are  doing these types of searches you need to type what you’re looking for and then click outside of the text field. This is how the search is triggered.


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