How to add a contact to the contact form dropdown

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In the contact form there is almost always an option to choose who you want the form to go to (e.g. Sales, Support, Administration, Human Resources, etc.). It is simple to add/edit items to this dropdown and in the steps below we show you how to add/edit items to this dataset.


  • You will need to have access to the Application Settings (Advanced) module


  • The following fields are required for an application setting.
    • Category
    • Field Name
    • Field Value

Sample Screenshot

Application Settings Advanced

Adding/Editing Application Settings (Advanced)

  1. Click on Application Settings (Advanced)
  2. Click on Add New to add a new application setting or in the Field Name field type in "Data Set Contact" and click on the Edit icon (pencil) to edit the existing application setting.
  3. General Settings
    1. Category - This needs to be "Data Set Contact Recipients" as the name
    2. FieldName - This is the unique name for the given field (e.g. Human Resources).
    3. Language - Every setting in the system can be set to alternate languages. By default, only English is available but that can be changed for multiple languages.
    4. Display Order - When working with information and especially information that has the same Category and Field Name the Display Order comes into play where you can set the values to show above/below other items.
      1. The default display order is 100 which can be changed.
      2. We always recommend separting items by 10 (e.g. 100, 110, 120, 130, etc.).
      3. If an item has the same value (e.g. 100) then when displayed the second sorting value is the field name.
    5. Field Value - This is the email address you want the email to go to.
      1. You may enter multiple email addresses in this field. All you would do is separate them with either a comma or a semi-colon (e.g.,
    6. Active - If you don't want an application setting to be used then you can uncheck this box. If an item is not active it will not be able to be used by the system and is only displayed within Appliation Settings.
    7. Is Protected - If this box is checked the item is stored in an encrypted format when at rest in the database. This is often checked for anything that might be sensitive information.
    8. Has HTML - When checked the system will display an HTML Editor rather than the standard text editor for the Field Value.
  • Click on the Save Application Setting button