Module: Job Postings

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The Job Postings  Module allows you to post  jobs for potential candidates for them to apply for. This is all done simply by  filling out a series or forms. Once that’s done that position is posted on your website and the position is as good as filled. I’ll cover everything in further detail  as outlined below:

  • Adding a New Job Posting

    • General Information

      • Position Responsibility Information

      • Position Qualification Information

      • Brief Description

      • Long Description

      • Disclaimer Information

      • SEO Information

      • Address Information

      • Document Information

      • Image Information

      • Position Posting Information

  • Job Posting List

    • Search and Sort

    • Edit

Adding a New Download


Let’s start as if you  just installed the Job Posting module. When you  click on the Job Postings module you will see this:

Click on the  “Add New” button. Once this is  done you should see this:

As you can see there are many fields in which to fill out. Let’s  go over the specifics of all of these fields:

  • General Fields

    • Account -  This field  refers to the  accounts that you  created via the Account  module. The account that you choose determines the privileges  required for people to see this job posting. For example you have several accounts: one for managers, another  for sales, office worker, and 1 for each location that your company has. First let’s assume the following:

      • Managers have all the  privileges that sales has and/or more,

      • Salesmen have all the privileges of office workers and/or more,

      • Locations contain all those types of  workers.

Now if you had sales positions available and you only want office workers to see it then you would type Office Worker. However this means that  everyone will see it because of the way privilege is inherited in this scenario. If you wanted Salesmen to know about a managerial position then you’d type  Salesmen. This means that Managers will also be able to see this job posting. To learn about this in more detail go to my KB article on accounts.

  • Position Responsibility - This is meant to describe what exactly is expected of the  candidate if he/she is chosen for the position.

  • Position Qualification Information - This describes what skills the  candidate should possess in order to perform well in the position.

  • Brief Description - This description is  shown on your Jobs page at a URL like shown here:

  • Long Description - This  describes the position in  clearer and elaborated detail.

  • Disclaimer information - If there’s any policy in place at your company like the EEO(Equal Employment Opportunity Act) then this is the place to  list it.

  • SEO Information - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) information allows the  webpage to be found more efficiently through particular fields.

  • Address Information -  This specifies the address of the  place where the candidate will work.

  • Document Information -  This is very similar to the  “Downloads” module. You have find information about  that here.

  • Image Information - Here you can specify  what image you what to represent the job. This will be  shown on your job posting page.

  •  Position Posting Information - This is where you can  view all the applicants and some basic information about them. It will look something like this:

To the left your can see a pencil icon. When  click this allows you to view more details about the  candidate. When clicked it will look like this:($ No Image available)

Downloads List

Search and Sort

Once you have a job posting created  you should be able to view it from the Job Postings page. It will look like this:

If you have a lot of job postings  then it may be a good idea to use the  searching and sorting functionality that is offered. You can  learn more about that on the “Search and Sort page as well.


There’s also an edit  button. This will take you to the  same form that you used to create the  position before except the fields are filled out. From here you’re able to edit the  details of the job posting in case some details changed or if you didn’t get it right the first time.

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