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Blog posts are a way of communicating with your current and future customers showing your expertise in given categories. By posting regularly and consistently you are able to show the search engines your site is consistently updated. This will help you on your organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Key Features

  • Consistent layout for your users.
  • Direct pasting from word processing programs like Microsoft Word.
  • Schedule ahead of time.
  • Commenting with approval.
  • Embed multiple pictures, Vimeo and YouTube videos easily.
  • Logging and easy to understand information about your article readers.


You will need to have a valid system login that has been granted access to the Downloads module.

Sample Screenshot

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Blog Posts Module - Grid
Blog Posts Module - Edit 1
Blog Posts Module - Edit 2
Blog Posts Module - Edit 3
Blog Posts Module - Edit 4

Adding & Editing

  • Blog Information
    • Blog Title: The title of the blog. This should be short sweet and descriptive.
    • Staus: The status of whether the blog article is visible or not.
      • Draft (Not Visible On Website)
      • Published (Visible On Website)
  • General Information
    • Page Name: The page name of the blog.
      • Note: If this is not filled in the system will automatically create a page name based on the Blog Title.
    • Post Date: The blog post date.
    • Author: Who the author of the article is.
    • Regarding: If this article is related to a specific customer account you can associate it here.
    • Video Type: The type of video, if any, for the article.
    • Video URL: The URL to the primary video of the article.
    • General Image: This is the primary image of the blog.
      • Note: Try to keep the images all the same size as it provides consistency for the entire site.
    • Allow Comments: Whether comments are allowed to be left or not.
  • Page Content
    • Content (Short): A short description of what the entire blog article is about. This is often the first paragraph of the blog article.
    • Content: The article text which can contains pictures, videos, and documents.
    • Tags: Tags are categories that you assign and group blog articles to.
  • Log File: Shows all of the information about those viewing your site. The information it shows is:
    • Country
    • State
    • Postal Code
    • Latitude and Longitude
    • IP Address
    • The user if they are logged into the system.

Tips & Tricks

  • Write on a consistent basis.
  • Write for users and not for the search engines.