Login, Recover Password, and Create a New Account (as a user)

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When you are on the website you can access the private client portal by adding /Portal/ to the end of your website portal. Example: https://www.fawkesdm.com/Portal/ of the URL that you would enter. Replace our domain name with your website domain.

Note: If you are already logged in and go to this URL you will immediately be redirected to the dashboard of the portal.

Login Screen

The first screen you will see is the login screen. This screen will immediately alert you that "all activities within the site are monitored." This is so that those trying to log in will know there information is being monitored. We log the Account Number and Email Address. We do not monitor any passwords as that would be a violation of their secrutiy. Additionally, we log the IP address and relevant information related to the device the user is trying to connect with.

  • Acocunt Code (Optional) - An account code allows you to associate a login with an account within the system. You will be using this if you are allowing the portal to be used as a private portal for tracking and informing the users of the system of specific items. This is also useful if you want users to maintain access themselves for those in their organization while you have control over the entire system.
  • Email Address is your assigned email address. This is not case sensitive but must be active within the system.
  • Password - is CaSe sensitive and must be typed in exactly.
  • Click Log into the portal to log in. If there were any mistakes you will be told one of the items need to be fixed but not the exact item.

Login screen

Recover your password

It is common with as many passwords we are required to remember that you will forget a password or two. This is where the password recovery option comes in for you. Enter your email address and click on Recover Password. The system will either send you your current password (default) or assign you a new password.

Note: If your system is set to use an account code and your account is associated with one make certain to put this in or your password recover attempt will not work.

Recover Password screen

Create an Account

If you are supposed to have access but don't have an account you can speed the creation process. You can create an account. Depending on the sysetm settings the created account could be inactive to before you can use the system. If you are allowed after creating your account you will have immediate access. The system administrator(s) will receive an automatic email upon the creation. They will then provide you the correct security level(s) you need to use the system.

You will need to fill in your email address, account code (only shows if enabled within the system), first name, last name, phone number, birthday, and your desired password (twice), and then click on Create an account.

Create a new account screen