eCommerce: Getting People into Physical Stores

 8/14/2016 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx

eCommerce: Getting People into Physical Stores

Promoting and growing your business is crucial to the success of any business. There truly is no business not in the business of making money. Even not-for-profit need to generate money to stay in operation. When you have a website and want that website to generate sales businesses often turn to eCommerce sites to bring in money into their business. Today we will discuss how to get people off your eCommerce sites (yes really) and into physical locations and get your products offline (in the real-world).

Why would I want to decrease my online sales?

When we talk to clients about why decreasing their online sales is actually a good thing they are first very reluctant. After all the purpose of an eCommerce site is to bring money into the eCommerce website and keep people out of physical stores. This is true to a certain degree. Many of our eCommerce clients actually sell physical products that are in real establishments. These businesses can benefit from pushing people to go offline and purchase from real stores.

When you have products in a physical store there are many benefits to promoting purchasing from a physical location.

  • Touch – We are a society that likes to feel before we buy
  • Loyalty – Not only loyalty to your product but also to store location you are in
  • Store Location – If a store location sees continued sales of your products they will be more apt to promote and sell your product. This won't cost you a penny more, increase your sales, and build loyalty to your brand while further increasing your sales.
  • More sales – The more your physical locations sell you will be able to sell more of your products

Then why do I need an eCommerce website?

For the simple reason that not everyone wants to go out and purchase. By having an online eCommerce website people can search what they want, order it, and have it conveniently delivered to their home or office in a short period of time.

When a client is in both the offline and online world's we always encourage to do both. If you look at brands like Wal-Mart, BestBuy, Target, and others they are in both the online and offline world. The reason is that sales can occur and should in both areas.


Always look for avenues to sell your product in a positive way. This will build brand loyalty, trust, and provide your customer's with the highest degree of convenience possible.

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