What is Text Marketing?

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 Written By John Marx



The belief on any new marketing venture for a business is that it's new, their competitors may not be using it, and that what they have done in the past is considered "good enough". When you market with newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc. you are marketing to both existing and current customers. With text marketing you are marketing to your current customers who are already loyal to your individual brand. There is a trust established in what you offer to them. They may stop in at your place frequently or infrequently for your products and services. Text marketing keeps that contact with people already interested in what you offer on a consistent basis so that you can continue to earn their business.

The Reward

Text marketing is a reward for those that have committed to your brand. They are committed to spending more money with your business. Text marketing is designed to keep you in front of their mind and work on them to come back more frequently. Text marketing has been around as a main stream service since 2012. Many businesses, dry cleaners, and service based business owners are using it to keep that touch with their customers to get them to repeat their business more often.

Direct Response Tool

With a text message marketing campaign, customers have to opt-in to receive these deals. Text marketing is a perfect tool for not only when the times are rough but when things are going "right". It is better to market before you hare scrambling to generate business. We sign up for several text marketing campaigns and not only use them ourselves but also share that information with our friends and families. This increases the awareness for those companies for no cost to them and is similar to social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

If you do it correctly, it Will Be Extremely Relevant

When you offer your customers something of value and offer it when it's needed, they will think you're awesome! This further builds the trust in your brand. During tough economic times people are looking to save money. If you can offer them a great deal and in a very convenient way, like right to their phones, you both will win.

It's not about selling

Wait a minute we want more customers and thus more money. That may be true but you cannot always just "sell" your products. You can give tips and tricks, provide informative information, and still gain value. As with everything in marketing you want to provide a value to everyone.

Nothing is Quicker

There is no quicker form of marketing than through a text message. Text marketing has an average open rate of 98%. When a text message is received a person will open it within minutes of its arrival. This allows you to run specials and sales instantly and render them more successful than ever. Because your customers will receive your message within minutes of you sending, you can instantly give them an incentive to stop by your store when things are slow.

Text Marketing is Measurable

With a text marketing campaign people respond in a timely fashion. This allows you to see what's working and what's not. A person will stop in for your business the same day or within days of a text being sent if you have a dated promotion running. Not only can you track your results, you can replicate the messages that are most effective across your other marketing avenues that are less measurable.

The Competition Isn't Using It Yet

Because many business owners are afraid to try and change away from the establishment of marketing you will have a larger following and get a leg up on your completion. Text marketing may not be as new as it was years ago but many businesses have yet to jump onboard with this direct communication with their customers. Now is the perfect opportunity to get on with a text messaging loyalty program.


When traditional text marketing methods are not working or just "there" and produce minimal results text marketing may be a great solution for your business. It is new, hip, and the younger generation is all over text messaging. The older generation is typically aware of text messaging and once they find out what it can do for them will want it as well. The key to an effective marketing campaign is consistency, sticking with it, and promoting it. By doing this you will increase your business and move forward.

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