What Do Social Media Managers Do?

 8/21/2016 12:00:00 AM
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What Do Social Media Managers Do?

As we add more social media maintenance plans it is always good to look and see what you will receive from having a social media account manager. When it comes to working with any business it is good to set rules and expectations for the entire social media process.

Social Media Audit

Before starting out with any project the very first thing that needs to be evaluated is what social media networks, if any, are setup for a company. This can include more than one social media account. The quickest audits are not always one's where no account exists. Often when there is no account determining the best social network can be a challenge. Just stating that Facebook is the biggest is not always the best reason. Often a different network is the best network as that is where all the customers are at.

Account Setup

Whether an account is setup already or needs to be created from scratch the information needs to be confirmed and validated that it is accurate. Having an accurate social media profile will help your business be found. This includes the proper categories, standardized logos and branding throughout the site.

Social Media Management

Part of being a social media manager includes more than setting up an account. It requires setting the proper voice, tone, and responses for each type of inquiry a customer might have. It is designating a set of schedules and the posts that align with those schedules. Studying the analytics and presenting those analytics in a meaningful and understandable response to the client.

Social Media Strategy

Beyond the management part is setting the strategy. This will include defining what success is. Success may be the number of fans but more importantly will include the engagement of the users. This will include the revenue your website also brings in. Whether you have a brochure website or a full featured eCommerce site. You need to have a clear strategy of how your website and social media strategy align. We can't stop just there. Your online social strategy needs to embrace that of your offline strategy and always match your company branding and marketing.

Social Media Consulting

Often we will do more than just work with our clients and be the private voice of our clients. We are asked for assistance in how to take advantage of the current social media trends and information. This can and often includes training of the marketing person or department. During consulting you will listen to your client's current problems and then turn and provide information to help achieve the business objectives they are looking for.

Social Media Advertising

The key to search engine optimization (SEO) is to be found organically. The same is true for social media. Advertising does have a place in every digital marketing strategy. The reasoning that advertising is beneficial is the competition for each industry is typically a very intense market.

Content Marketing

With social media you often need to create content. The content could be a blog article, like this one, that is hosted on your website and shared across your social media network. Other areas of marketing can include graphics or Infographics or videography as video receives a lot of engagement on social media. It is not uncommon that we will go to a client event to take photos of the event and post about it online.

Workshops and Speaking

Many experts will charge hundreds, even thousands, to bring you up to speed in what we call “crash courses”. These courses are to bring you up -to-speed in a very short period of time; typically, one day. We often will do social media workshops and other workshops related to digital marketing for just $65 per class. We structure all of our classes as beginning and intermediate. You may wonder why there is no advanced classes. The reason is that advanced classes truly need to be tied to a specific business need. Businesses that want advanced training truly need to be structured for them. Where beginner and intermediate all businesses need to know.


A social media manager will spend on an hour or more per day staying in touch with the latest trends of what is working and not working, where the technologies are going, and keeping their skills fresh and relevant. Not only is a manager keeping their knowledge in top form but they will also be keeping you informed of the latest changes.


Having a social media manager will greatly reduce your work on social media. Don't expect it to be completely removed. You will be communicating with your manager and ideally your managers (plural). This way you know your account will be served even when your primary manager goes on vacation or has a family emergency. Throughout all of our maintenance contract customers throughout Indiana and beyond. With a maintenance plan with JM2 Webdesigners you will have full control of your website content management system (CMS) and your social media. What you gain is a person dedicated to growing your business. This person has access to content writers, graphic designers, and software developers to help you achieve these results without having to pay extra for these services. You are gaining a complete plan that is designed to help your business grow for less than it costs to have a person working for your business full-time.

If you would like to learn more about maintenance plans you can click here, email at @BUSINESSEMAILADDRESS@, call us at @BUSINESSPHONETOLLFREE@, or use our online contact forms here.

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