Three types of Search Engine Optimization

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 Written By John Marx

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Believe it or not there is more than one type of search engine optimization (SEO) out there. Most people that are trying to sell your business on SEO mention that they handle SEO. We find that interesting as part of our conversations with SEO we ask "what type of SEO are you referring too". More often than not we here "SEO". There actually are three core pieces to optimizing for SEO. In this article we'll go over those three pieces.

Nationwide SEO

Each country has a version of search engines. Google is not always the leader in a particular country as well. If your market is to be found within your particular country this is known as nationwide SEO. You will use this type of marketing when your products and services are set for a single country. Typically, your SEO efforts will be in the same country your corporate office is in.

International SEO

Is your business trying to do business outside of your corporate headquarters? If it is than you will be doing international search engine optimization. You will use international SEO when your products and services cross into multiple countries.

Local SEO

When it comes to marketing Local SEO is the latest craze. This is the perfect for businesses that focus on their local community and pulling people into their retail establishment. When it comes to local SEO you need to think about marketing campaigns that are well planned, targeted, and effectively managed, and that fit within your local market.

Combination of SEO

If we said there was three types of SEO why would we mention a combination of the above? Your business may be local (most are) after all. Your business may need local and national, local, national, and international SEO needs. We have a multitude of clients that fall into multiple SEO categories.


Cookie cutter SEO will not help your business grow. You need to work continuously on your SEO to bring results positive results to your website. As the search engines change monthly, even weekly, you need to adjust your strategy to grow your organic reach to your prospects.

SEO cannot be thought of as a one type of solution. You need to break it down into what you need. Each one needs a special type of setup and configuration. When multiple get involved you need to take both, or all three, into account. When you are building your SEO strategy you can't just do SEO and be done. You need to think about your target audience and what is important to drive traffic, increase leads, and in the end increase your businesses online sales.

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