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Small business is changing the world

 7/30/2017 12:00:00 AM
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 Written By John Marx
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Small business is changing the world

How fun would it be to be the richest man in the world even for just a day? If you ask Jeff Bezos he can honestly say due to his company Amazon making a difference in the retail sector. Wal-Mart, Target, and others have been retail leader's due to their physical stores where we consumers can go in and purchase what we need with instant gratification. Amazon started in 1994 selling out of his garage. It seems many start out of their garage or out of their home if they don't have a garage that have become successful businesses. Some of these businesses we know nationally, like Amazon, while others are local versions making a positive difference in which they server.

At JM2 Webdesigners we are a local Valparaiso Indiana digital marketing firm. We specialize in what many would consider the underdog. We consider each one of our clients that we serve as the next Amazon. Some have no aspirations of being that large but what they do have is the aspirations to make a difference using their business as the catalyst to achieve this.

In recent weeks, we've done a lot of deep core thinking as our focus is both locally and nationally and we are making great strides in our national push. For our clients, we are looking at what Amazon has done and how they have in many ways overtaken large businesses like Wal-Mart who as of this writing is still the largest job producer in the United States. I know I shop at Wal-Mart, Target, and other national chains weekly. What I have noticed more though is I will go out of my way for the local Mom-and-Pop shops in the local area. I will even drive 30 minutes out of my way to do so.

This got us thinking of can a small business compete against a Wal-Mart, or soon an Amazon, with their billions of dollars in marketing and purchasing power? I deeply believe the answer is resounding yes. The employees at Wal-Mart work in the local community but are missing a piece that cannot be recreated no matter how much money you throw at it. Small business owners and their employees have a core belief that is at the root of everything they are. They want to make a difference, many know they will not make as much money, and they are fine with that. Big business cannot have such passions as their investors do not have those passions.

Therefore, we feel, and know deep in our heart, that small businesses whether in Valparaiso Indiana, Chesterton Indiana, Chicago Illinois, or Abingdon Illinois. Each one of these locations all have a desire to make their town/city a better place. We are not saying big business doesn't give back or make a difference in towns, they do, but what they are missing is that small business mentality and cannot be matched no matter how much money they throw at it. Growing small businesses have an edge that are truly unstoppable.

If you are looking to work with a business that has the same passions, desires, and wants to make the same difference you do give our team at JM2 Webdesigners a call at @BUSINESSPHONETOLLFREE@, email us at @BUSINESSEMAILADDRESS@, or contact us online. We would love to work with your small business and make your dreams and passion come true.