SEO: How Important is Social Media?

 4/5/2017 12:00:00 AM
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SEO: How Important is Social Media?

Social media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter are a popular way to share content and get involved with the online community. They are free to use and they give the public a place to create a profile and keep in touch with their local and global community. For businesses, not only does this give the public a way to connect with your business more personally and stay up to date with your products and sales, it also helps your search engine optimization (SEO).

Having a social media presence helps in several ways:

  • Your website will get more visitors that connect from those social media sites
  • Your website will appear on search results for related keywords on your social media pages
  • Google and other search engines will see that people talk about your site, leading to a boost in ranking
  • Your website will be shown in Google's personalized search results of people who are connected with the people who have "liked" or followed your business page

Remember how using keywords on your website's pages helps rank your website higher in search engines? Using those same keywords on your social media page and in your posts helps increase that ranking even more. The more presence your business has across all social media platforms, the more attention and traffic your business will get. People like getting involved and staying up-to-date through social media, and often times they check to see if a business has a Facebook page or Twitter profile. If there is not, chances are they will move on and find a similar business that does. People are attracted to businesses they can get to know personally.

Even if your Facebook page is new, it is likely to rank higher (and maybe even higher than your website) thanks to Facebook’s overall high popularity and authority. Linking your website to your Facebook page not only leads people straight to your website, it also helps with link building which helps Google rank your pages higher in search results. Social media websites also allow your customers to review and rate your business, which can be extremely good for your SEO as well. The better the ratings, the more active your business is, and the more people talking about your page, the better your business with grow and thrive.

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